A Little Help From Our Friends

We are pleased to introduce the new journal page and the new journal staff. Yes, several people graciously responded to our cry for help. And a few others were kidnapped in the middle of the night and chained to a computer alongside the infinite number of monkeys who ve been writing most of the journal entries thus far.

the page won t look any different, except that some posts will now have signatures attached, just after the date. We re not going to introduce the new writers yet, but you ll see their names (some real and some noms de plume) as they start posting, along with some unsigned posts. We ll be signing most of our own posts after this, but we re not telling you our new name yet. (Not that you ll have any trouble figuring out who we are.)

We do want credit Will Berriel, who probably won t be posting much here but who is already helping us with the workouts — you did notice that the middle distance workouts are being updated again, right? — and some of the back end stuff that you guys can t see but that is important to keeping the site working.

Thanks to the new writers there should be many more posts to this page. And we should have more time to work on other improvements to the site. It s a win-win situation!

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