Your True Colors Are Beautiful

We know some of you aren t big fans or the color orange, but we admire the way you ve all stuck with it (that recent flirtation with what s normally the secondary color on the uniform notwithstanding). That s as it should be: if your team has a color you stick with it. You wouldn t wear a yellow jacket with the CPTC logo any more than you d wear a green hat with the Red Sox logo on it. Seriously, even if you re hot, it still makes you look like a tool.

But too many people refuse to acknowledge this. You see them on the street, wearing Yankees caps in all colors of the rainbow, or even those ridiculous black on black caps. Or, worst of all, any uniform turned pink. We thought this was a minor infestation upon society, but Mary Buckheit shows us that it s in fact a veritable plague upon the sporting world. Please, if you know anyone who s thinking of wearing one of these pink jerseys, do her — and the rest of us — a favor, and stage an intervention. Thank you.

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