Race Reports from the Women: Team Championships

Report from Jacy Kruzel and Veronica Jackson of the Open:

For the first time in 10 years, the CPTC Women’s Open team took home the win at the NYRR Team Championship 5 mile race in Central Park. This is no small feat, as many NYRR teams include athletes that shine on the international stage! The hard work, focus, and drive of every runner contributed to this and we are so proud of everyone who raced!

The team finish was the summation of many stellar performances in hot and humid conditions, starting with a podium finish by Ivette Ramirez (3rd place in 27:50). One CPTC male teammate remarked that he wished the women’s race was first as he was so inspired by Ivette’s performance that it would have certainly made him run faster. Ivette put her fears and doubts aside to garner a 65 second PR and over a 2 minute course PR.

Ivette Ramirez

Photo: Andy Kiss

We had two more Top Ten finishes with Rolanda Bell and Veronica Jackson, finishing 7th and 8th in 29:14 and 29:24, respectively. Even while she was just getting back into training, Rolanda was very excited to race her first ever team champs race and be part of the excitement – no matter the distance. Rolanda noted that it was “fun grinding it out for the team and most of the race with my fellow teammate regardless of time…. it was all about beating bodies. “ And beating bodies is just what Veronica did too, passing an NBR and NYAC runner in the final stretch! She took no mercy and kicked it in to a speedy time amidst some grueling marathon miles she’s been logging.

Rolanda Bell

Photo: Andy Kiss


Jacy Kruzel cruised in for the fourth team spot, garnering another impressive time of 30:24 for her marathon-logged legs. The strength of the team really showed with our 5th through 12th runners – only a 32 seconds spread. A cross country coach’s dream! Team Champs is the only race to score 10-deep, so we have this stellar crew to thank for the W. Andrea Bradshaw led this pack in 31:02, followed by Jordan Snyder in 31:04 and Grace White in 31:05. This was Jordan’s first Team Championship race and we couldn’t be happier that she picked the CPTC jersey to wear! Right on their heels was Katherine Carrington in 31:16, Colleen McGurk in 31:20, and Elleree Erdos in 31:21. Katherine loved running with a huge pack of CPTC teammates and credits them for her success. We think the early morning miles she’s been putting in to train for the Berlin Marathon also deserve some credit! Colleen has consistently been completing a very impressive feat – scoring for the Open AND Master’s team totals, and this race was on exception. Alysia Dusseau and Anisa Arsenault rounded out this pack as our 11th and 12th place runners, both clocking in at 31:34. Alysia loved being out there, running amongst teammates to kick off marathon training!


Veronica Jackson and Rolanda Bell

Colleen McGurk and Catherine Carrington

One of the best parts of this race is the team energy that surrounds the roads of Central Park. Alex Bernardi’s favorite memory was cresting the hill at W90th and seeing a constant stream of blue & orange over the 200m ahead, completely dominating the field. Early sights of what was to come with the team win!

Alyssia Dusseau

With humidity levels at 97%, it was in no means PR conditions, however our team was not to be deterred with Ambreleah Dusseau clocking a 33:30 for a 39 second PR and Jena Tiernan running 34:13 for a 36 seconds PR! Congrats to both Ambreleah & Jena!

Ambreleah Dusseau and Chelsea Mailler

Meredith Kennedy & Dani Sturtz ran stride for stride for much of the race, coming in at 35:02 and 35:21, respectively. Both were using the race as a step towards a great Chicago Marathon this October. When marathon training, a 5 mile race may seem like a painful sprint but in each other’s company – they both noted it was so much more enjoyable! With these speedy times in the heat of the summer – the fall is looking great.

Jenna Tiernan

We’d like to congratulate all the Open Women who came out and ran their hearts out. Every runner played a big part in the win and we are very excited for the fall season!

Name Overall Time Overall Place
Ivette Mejia 0:27:50 3
Rolanda Bell 0:29:14 7
Veronica Jackson 0:29:24 8
Jacy Kruzel 0:30:24 22
Andrea Bradshaw 0:31:02 34
Jordan Snyder 0:31:04 35
Grace White 0:31:05 36
Katherine Carrington 0:31:16 42
Colleen Mcgurk 0:31:20 43
Elleree Erdos 0:31:21 45
Alysia Dusseau 0:31:34 50
Anisa Arsenault 0:31:34 51
Alexandra Bernardi 0:32:35 70
Jacqueline Erdos 0:33:00 78
Chelsea Mailler 0:33:19 86
Ambreleah Dusseau 0:33:30 95
Jena Tiernan 0:34:13 107
Jaclyn Gilbert 0:34:51 124
Meredith Kennedy 0:35:02 130
Sarah Richardson 0:35:06 133
Dani Sturtz 0:35:21 142
Amanda Ullman 0:35:53 158
Yana Polikarpov 0:39:17 287




Report from Ani Go of the 40+:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Team Champs brings out our camaraderie, competitiveness, and teamwork, but falls during the heart of summer, with conditions that are likened to being chased through a swamp.

The 40+ ladies masters placed 3rd in this very competitive race, with barely 30 seconds between the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams. Our scoring team is lead by the incredible Colleen McGurk, who, unless I’m mistaken, has PR’d once again, this time for the course–her PR for the distance was 10 seconds faster in Prospect Park’s Turkey Trot this past November.”

Colleen McGurk

Photo: John Le

Next, is track Captain Amy Kvilhaug, who ran a great race, including it as part of her marathon training. Amy is the catalyst for our 3rd place finish, for, without her effort, we wouldn’t have had a podium finish.

Amy says:

Team Champs is always a fun and interesting event – it falls during the dog days of summer (hello 97% humidity), often amidst marathon training season so everyone approaches the race with a little different mindset depending upon where they are in training cycles. Rarely is anyone ever in peak form for this. As always, our goal is to compete to the best of our abilities and see where our talent falls. Kudos to all the masters women who came out in full force to race for the Orange. Congrats to Ani and Colleen who were instrumental in helping our 40+ team place third. I also saw that our 60+ team podiumed at 3rd place as well so congrats to Barbara, Judith and Lynn!

I am not a great humidity runner, but I can honestly say I ran a decent race today. No where near a PR, however it was evenly paced and I finished strong and with a smile on my face – the cheers and support from our men sincerely helped me down the stretch. My last mile was among one of my faster miles and at no point did I feel like I was holding on for dear life. Glad I could be a part of things today.

Amy Kvilhaug

Photo: John Le

Concluding the scoring team is your captain Ani Go.

Says I:

This is the best 5mi that I’ve run in a few years, still a work in progress! Happy to have helped place our team in 3rd place and to show up in the top 10 of my age group. Onwards!

Ani Go

Photo credit: John Le

We had strong support from Audrey Kingsley, Julie Tucker, Meg Blake, and Jennifer Ranck, representing our depth and team spirit. And we had Sue Pearsall as our spokesperson for the 50+ team!

Jennifer Ranck continues her journey to be the most awesome 40+ master ever. Yet again she exceeded her expectations, running 45:36 at another new distance.

Her words:

While still struggling with health and fatigue, I was inspired to put on the new CPTC summer uniform and run at Club Champs. I was not expecting much at all having barely put together a non-stop 5-mile run just this past week (run/walks mostly 10+min pace run) and with the insane weather kicking my fibromyalgia into full blast. I went in simply with run-to-finish and keeping HR under 175 as much as I could (170 was mark for “training” runs). After first 1-2Ks feeling good while knowing I was well under current pace I then aimed for 5K which I passed through somewhere in the mid-27s and then kept pace with HR as much as I could. I stopped for water in mile 3-4 and then took a mini-walk break when HR was getting too high in mile 5 – AND LOVED THE WALL OF ORANGE of support around 86th St! – and was struggling in last 500m or so but ran to the finish in 45:36 (9:07pace) – subtracting couple of stops and last stretch slowdown, I ran most of this race at sub-9 pace. On practically nothing. It is so difficult to not run at the very least at my AG equivalent pace from my college years (5K 20-21min) but with all that I am battling, I am excited and content with this performance even though I do not score and I am still under 60% AG, because I still can fight and defy the very battles that could easily defeat and completely keep me on the sidelines. I am especially grateful for all the CPTC-NB love and support and hope that each race like this one is a springboard that will get me back into competitive shape and back on the track. AND so freakin’ proud of my teammates and our across-the-board dominance! GO ORANGE!

Next up – either BK mile OR definitely Sutton 5K (also signed up for 5th Ave, BX 10M, SI 1/2…) – and trying to add minimal easy speed work this week. Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


Congrats to our women’s and men’s masters and open teams!

Next up–Percy Sutton–which is sold out–and 5th Ave Mile which is nearing capacity! Sign up now!

Go orange!!!

Captain Ani 🍊🍊🍊


Report from Judith Tripp of the 60+:

There were three of us (Barbara Byrne, Lynn Blackstone and me) a perfect number for a scoring team, and we came in third.  Barbara ran a sterling 39:39 (faster than last year) for 1st place in her age group; Lynn ran 59:16, also for 1st place in her age group, and I (Judith) ran 50:30 for 3rd place in my age group (3 separate age groups for our 60+ women! — (and none was the 60-64!))  Barbara and I also helped Sue Pearsall complete a 50+ team!

Lynn said:  

The Team Championship race was a lot of fun. I ran just under twelve minutes a mile, my goal as an untrained runner, and that I scored for CPTC’s Third Place 60s Women’s Team is icing on the cake.

From Barbara:  

With respect for the humid conditions, decided to have very modest goal for the day, i.e. run conservatively so as to avoid crashing and burning before the end.  I count it as a small victory that I resisted the impulse to take a walk break.  Glad we had a podium finish so congratulations to our team. Finally, thank you to the team members cheering on the course..as always,  there was Tony in full voice, but also a couple of other groups of our men on the east side.  It really helped, that is to say, shamed me into making an effort.  Thanks.

And finally, after a 3 train journey uptown, to find the race delayed!, I found it tough (did too much the few days previous!) but it is always enjoyable running in a smaller, less crowded field.  I echo the thanks of Barbara to Tony and all our cheering teammates.  Really helps a lot!


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