Meet Jen St. Jean…Again!

Last month, Amy Kvilhaug wrote about Jen St. Jean’s gold medal victory in the 1500m at the North and Central America and Caribbean Region of the World Masters Athletics Championships in Canada.  This came on the heels of her victory at the USATF Masters Track and Field Championship in the 1500m and recognition as the USATF June Masters Athlete of the Month even before that victory.  But do you actually know Jen St. Jean?  In CPTC’s last newsletter, we ran the interview that follows – take a read to learn more about one of CPTC’s top performers.


Meet Jennifer St. Jean, silver medalist in the 40-44 1500 at the 2015 World Masters Championships. Jen joined CPTC this year and helped the women’s masters team keep its momentum on the track.

Welcome aboard.

Thanks so much!! I am so excited to be a part of CPTC/NB. 

What about CPTC helped convinced you to join? 

I was invited by Judy Stobbe to come to a morning workout led by Coach Devon. After the workout Devon invited me to attend additional practices if I was interested. I love Devon’s coaching style. The depth of the women’s team was also an important deciding factor, as well as the cohesiveness of the group.

Any individuals?

Judy, Amy & Colleen to name a few.

Is orange already your favorite color? 

Ha Ha. My high school colors were orange and black, so being back in orange seems fitting at this big change in my running career.

Do you plan to focus on the 1500 or a different distance? 

Primarily middle distance 800 through 3k because I’m happiest when I am on the track. I also love to race road miles in the fall when track is over. I’m not sure how longer distances will fit into my goals of running faster as a master in the 1500.

What is your major strength as a runner? 

I don’t think I’m particularly talented at running but I work really hard.

Any weaknesses? 

Sometimes I work too hard.

Do you plan to run any NYRR road races? 

I’ve run quite a few in the past. My favorite is the 5th Avenue Mile.

Are you going to Daegu for the World Indoor championships? 

I would love to go to Daegu but it is hard to take that kind of time off when you have young children at home & you are their primary caretaker. It is in March and the kids are still in school. I’m looking forward to the 2018 World Championships in Spain & 2020 in Canada.

What are the key meets on your calendar this year? 

I’ve given a list to Coach Devon and I’m sure she has some races in mind that I haven’t considered. Finding the right outdoor track meets can be tricky & most of the races end up being collegiate. There are some USATF meets & also some road miles late summer.

Any tips on avoiding injury? 

Prevention is the best medicine. I go to the chiropractor once a month and Physical Therapy 2 times a month. Once a week I do 1 hour of yoga. I also foam roll, stretch & focus a lot on my nutrition.

Favorite workout? 

12 x 200 meters

Least favorite workout? 

Tempo runs

Anything unusual about your training?

As a busy mom, I do a lot of walking. I can walk up to 30 miles a week in my house. I have a hard time sitting still.

How is your fitness coming along compared to previous years? 

I had pretty good success during my 2nd year back from almost 15 years off of racing. Then I kind of plateaued. This winter’s training with Devon, I managed to set new Masters PR’s in 5 different events.

You live outside the city – do you plan to come in to the city for workouts or races? 

I come to the city about 2 times a week, typically one morning workout and either an evening workout or a race. The rest of my training I try to fit in around my family’s busy schedule.

Masters PRs:
200 meters 30.81*
400 meters 65.23*
800 meters 2:17*
1000 meters 2:57*
1500 meters 4:37
1 mile  5:02*
5,000 Meters 17:57
6,000 Meters 22:25
10,000 Meters 38:20
*5 new PRs set while training with Devon this winter


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