Race Reports from the Women: Bronx 10 Miler & Staten Island Half

Report from Ani Go of the 40+:

There’s been so many races, it’s hard to know where to start! 

But let’s start with Da Bronx where unseasonably warm temps set the stage for our ladies to run 10 miles. And the 40+ ladies ran quite well, taking 2nd place! The scoring team was made up of Colleen McGurk, Amy Kvilhaug, and new baby master Irma Bribiesca.  

First scorer, Colleen McGurk, who ran 1:04.01, won her age group, scored for the open team, and…set yet another PR!  

Says Colleen:

Bronx is always my favorite race and even with the extremely humid conditions, I still had a blast running down the Grand Concourse!

I loved seeing all the orange out there, battling together through the tough conditions! 

Big thanks to Coach TR, Devon, Sue, Armando, and everyone else I heard cheering along the course – It helped so much to keep pace! It was almost a 2 minute PR for me and I contribute that to the amazing workouts and fast teammates I constantly train with and chase after 🙂 

Congratulations to everyone that raced in the Boogie Down Bronx!

Second scorer Amy Kvilhaug, training through to The Big Race in November, ran a strong 1:10.02, placing 5th in her age group, had this to say about her race:

It was sooo hot!  I wanted to quit at mile 4, I wilted, crashed, and burned, and then I finished. I had no pain in my glutes (which had been bothering me lately) so running painless was my victory.

Let’s give Irma Bribiesca a warm welcome to the 40+ team! Her 1:14.41 effort helped place us solidly in 2nd place! We’re looking forward to more great performances from her! 

We had a great showing at this race, including newcomer Maria Taveras in her first official race running as a Lady Orange, Audrey Kingsley making a strong comeback and committing to some racing 😉, and Jen Ranck, running her first 10mi race!  Congrats on your first 10mi and PR, Jen

Our 50+ team was represented by the one and only Stacy Creamer

Next, with a scant 2 week break, another race of distance in both the journey to get there and actual race distance, the Staten Island Half.  The same weather conditions returned as per last year of rain, but added a bonus of rising temperatures as well.  Anyone training for a tropical race or auditioning to be a pair of socks in a washing machine should apply.  

Our brave masters ladies of Amy Kvilhaug, (who also scored for the open team!) was our first to finish.  Next was Audrey Kingsley in her 2nd consecutive points race, and as much needed support!  Last to score is newcomer Paola Peretti! Warm welcome to the Lady Orange, Paola!

More support from Jennifer Ranck in her second half marathon! Go Jen!

Congrats to all masters and open teams!  Go orange!

More to come…additional reports about Colleen’s first marathon, and Jennifer’s out of state masters forays!

40+ women are solidly in 2nd place.

50+ women are in 4th place!


Report from Sylvie Kimche of the 60+ & 70+:

It was VERY hot for a morning at the end of September (Sunday 9/24), even with an 8am start…. Four of our valiant W60+/70+, Barbara Byrne, Sherrel Harmon, Lynn Blackstone and yours truly, Sylvie Kimche, took to the Grand Concourse and got Gold in the W60+ age group, ahead of Van Cortland TC again (by a fairly large margin… 38 minutes!).

Unfortunately, by lack of a 3rd runner, our W70+ did not score this time…

Barbara, as always, was 1st for the team and 1st in her W65-69 age group in 1:23:18, a 8:20 pace and 82.08 AG%.

As usual, I was 2nd for the team and 1st in my W70-74 age group in 1:24:48, a 8:29 pace and 86.96 AG%

And as it has quickly become a habit since she joined the team, Sherrel was 3rd for the team (& 5th in her age group) in 1:45:32, a 10:34 pace.

Lynn was 2nd in her W75-79 age group in 2:06:05, a 12:37 pace.

Congrats & kudos to us all 😊😄😎

Lynn had this to say about her race:

I ran a smart race based on my training; I will train more. And a huge shoutout to Coach Tony who gave me great encouragement at Mile 8.

Here are Sherrel‘s comments: 

Once again I’m pulling up the rear to get us to first place masters team. That makes me ecstatic.

Through out the race I kept thinking Sylvie has already been on this pavement and Lynn is behind me, I’m not alone, I can do this like the little train that could! 

 I am quite pleased with my performance on such a challenging course and equally challenging hot day.

And here are Barbara‘s comments:

Let’s emphasise the positives…arrived at the race in good time;  have had sufficient practice over the distance;  had space to run;  grateful for shade over a fair bit of the course;  10 miles is less than 13.1;  ice at the finish was a great idea.

Last of all, we won our section.  I apologize for the grimace I made in Tony‘s direction at mile 8!

I’ll end up with my own comments:

A 10 mile race is quite long for me, especially on a hot day, so I’m happy with my result, especially considering that I died during mile 6 and there were still 4 miles to go….! My apologies to coach Tony too as he got another grimace and 2 thumbs down from me at mile 8…

Thank goodness (and NYRR!) for the downhill last mile, that helped me ” finish with dignity”…😉

Congrats to all our teams for their great results again and thanks to Sue Pearsall for cheering near mile 4! 

Next team race is the Staten Island Half on October 8. The following one is the NYCM on November 5. Unfortunately, no W60 or 70+ team, for lack of enough of us running those long distance races….

So good luck to all our long distance teammates in these 2 races!!!

Go Orange!


PS Barbara and I scored again for the W50+ team, led by Stacy this time. In this very competitive W50+, we managed to snag 6th place…🙃


Report on the Staten Island Half:

No team recap as there was no W60+ & 70+ team for either race. But we had one courageous runner in each race (+ 2 younger X-C racers) and their efforts need to be recognized.

Barbara Byrne was our lone runner in the Staten Island Half (it’s her home turf after all…😉). Despite not having a great race to say the least, she managed to be 1st in her 65-69 age group in 1:57:36…

Here are her comments:

That was probably the 2nd worst race for me ever, behind a Manhattan Half when it used to be held in August.  I have no explanation for what was wrong with me.  Just kept getting slower, cramp under my ribs, cramp in my left shoulder, stomach cramps. Walk breaks…ughh…

I can’t remember when I felt so beat up…not injured, but sore muscles and shoulder pain.  Not my best day…Thank goodness there was no team so it didn’t matter….lol

Let’s hope that next year you have more teammates and therefore more support… 😊

Three of our ladies X-C lovers went up to Boston for the National Masters X-C 5K Ch’ps at Franklin Park on October 15.

Judith Tripp, our lone W70+ runner ran 32:03.

Sue Pearsall was our lone W50+ runner & completed the course in 25:47 

And Jennifer Ranck, our only W45+, ran 26:38. 

Congrats to all!

Next team race for us, W60+ & 70+, is the Ted Corbitt 15k (we never have a team for the NYCM…)

So good luck to all our CPTC marathon competitors (sorry I won’t be here in person to cheers you on, but I’ll cheer from afar!)

See you all at the Ted Corbitt 15k on Sat Dec 9!

In the meantime train well and race well!



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