Race Reports from the Women: Healthy Kidney 10k

Report from Jacy Kruzel and Veronica Jackson of the Open:

Spring has arrived and the Women’s Open team used perfect spring like conditions to rack in a 3rd place finish and lots of individual PRs.

Jordan Snyder led the charge, with a 2 minute PR.  Her time of 37:09 came after battling a major sinus infection all week.  Nothing could stop her from toeing the line, and the PR reward was pretty sweet!

Our next scorer was Colleen, who continuously amazes the team as a whole – double dipping as a scorer for both the open and masters’ teams.  Hank Schiffman, a CPTC teammate, had a perfect quote to sum up his observation of Colleen’s performance.  “Let me point out that like the rest of you, I ran it as hard as I can, but Colleen ran it at a pace of one minute a mile faster than I did. She averaged 6 mpm, I ran the 5th Avenue mile in 6:01 last year… She could have had a leisurely cigarette and a martini before I crossed the line, and probably did.”  Congrats to Colleen.  Hope you enjoyed the martini!

Running in her 100th NYRR race, Alysia Dusseau was our 3rd scorer – also running away with a 33 second PR!

Alyssia Dusseau

Photo: John Tran

Running in her 100th NYRR race, Alysia Dusseau was our 3rd scorer – also running away with a 33 second PR!

Natalie Steinemann was our 4th scorer – also setting a PR!  This was her 3rd race for CPTC and 3rd PR – a trend we hope continues.  She said the middle two miles felt like crossing a mountain range, but once she started rolling down the last West Side hill life was good again.  It is great to have Natalie wearing the CPTC uniform and we are excited she is part of the team!

Andrea Bradshaw

Photo: Jay-R Mojica

Andrea Bradshaw rounded out our scoring crew, gutting through a tough day to help the team secure their 3rd place finish.  She appreciated all the cheering throughout the race especially in the longer distance. 

Paige Yellen and Maria Gonzalez Esquivel both continued the PR trend with their times of 38:53 and 44:19 respectively.  Congrats girls!!!

While CPTC was dominating Central Park, we had 3 new PRS across the water at the NJ Marathon.  Finishing in 2nd overall was Grace White in 3:02:44 and 3rd place overall was Elleree Erdos in 3:03:50.  Nicole Hopkins had a 15 minute PR to come away with a BQ in 3:26:46! 

What a great kickoff to the spring racing schedule!


Report from Ani Go and Colleen McGurk of the 40+:

CPTC 40+ women showed up and repped hard at the Healthy Kidney 10k! The team, which consisted of three runners, ran fast enough for a 2nd place finish! The scoring team consisted of Colleen McGurk, Paige Yellen and Julie Tucker.

Colleen McGurk

Colleen McGurk was the first scorer and had this to say:

What a beautiful day for a 10k! As some of you know I have a hard time with allergies this time of year. However, the rain on Saturday night helped clear the air and I decided to just go for it! It was great to work with teammates Jordan and Alysia. I managed an 84 second PR and a finish time of 37:32. Thank you for everyone that cheered (Sue, Armando, Susan, and so many more!) It helped so much J  As always I’m so thankful for the great coaching and teammates I train with, the bar is set high!

Our next scorer was Paige Yellen in a smoking 38:53. Paige shared “Overall, I’m happy with my race. I had a negative split so I think I ran well, strategically. The weather was great but 10K is a tough distance. This was Paige’s first race with CPTC and she knocked it out of the park!!! Welcome Paige and what a debut!

And our final scorer was Julie Tucker. Julie used this as a rust buster after a long winter and ran a solid 47:26. Julie helped us to our second place finish and is ready for spring and even faster times. Here is what Julie shared: “It was my first race after a long winter! I actually felt good the whole race and think there are much faster times to come this spring/summer.  Looking forward to Brooklyn”. And we are looking forward to seeing you at Brooklyn, Julie!!!

Next up is Brooklyn – Masters 40+ is ready to roll!!!


Report from Sylvie Kimche of the 60+ & 70+:

On a rather cold Sunday morning for the end of April, our “old” W60+ team (the “ageless” 77 yr-old Lynn Blackstone, the 69 and very-close-to-70 Deborah Barchat and myself, 71 yr-old Sylvie Kimche)  took 4th place W60+ team at the UAE 10K.

In fact, if NYRR was scoring the older teams based on the average age of the 3 runners rather than based on the age of the youngest runner, we would have scored 1st team in the W70+ age group  (average age 72+ for the 3 of us…) 25 minutes ahead of Mercury Masters…. 

Oh well…such is life…

Lynn was 3rd for the team in 1:15:45, 3rd in her W75-79 age group.

Deb was 2nd for the team in 1:03:12, also 3rd in her W65-69 age group.

I was 1st for the team and 1st in my W70-74 age group in 53:17. Due to my lack of training this year, i decided to run the race as a hard tempo run. And it worked. I enjoyed my run and “finished with dignity”. And even though my time was 2 minutes slower than last year,  I’m happy with my result. 

We won’t have a team (W60+ and/or W70+) at the Brooklyn Half. So see you at the Queens 10k

Happy spring to all!

GO ORANGE (or whatever color our runners wear….)


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