Race Reports from the Men: Queens 10k

Report from David Alm of the 40+:

It was hot, but not nearly as humid as last year’s Queens 10K. Rarely have I heard so many year-on-year comparisons made in the moments before a race. Nevertheless, we still managed to place 3rd, thanks in part to an assist from our friends Brad Kelley and Mark Lindrud in the 50+ cohort (thanks guys!) 

One of CPTC’s newest quadragenarians, Jeremy Shingleton, led us from the start, finishing in a swift 35:41, good for 3rd AG placement as well. 

“I’ve always been on the bubble of scoring” for the open men’s team, Jeremy says, “which felt frustrating yet safe.” As a masters runner, he finds himself “in an unusual position to impact team scoring.” We’re glad to have him.

As for Queens, Jeremy says he “was very anxious about the race. I struggle with the heat, don’t have much experience in the 10K, and lack the confidence of my youth. I didn’t have much of a plan, either — I simply went out at 5:40 and then ground out each mile until it was over.”

Brad Kelley had a similar experience. “This was a race that hurt bad from the mile onward,” he says. “Though there was nothing in my tank I am happy with my effort as I maintained my concentration and pushed to the end. Was it an off-race or is father time tapping me on the shoulder?”

Most likely the former. Brad still mustered a 35:57 (85%), placing 2nd, and just ran 35:23 at the UAE 10K in April. And let’s not forget his 1:16 Brooklyn Half. 

Mark Lindrud was 3rd, in 36:37 (82%). 


Duncan McVerry, who joined the team in March 2017, ran yet another PR in Queens, just barely sneaking in under 39 minutes, in 38:59. Duncan says he’s PR’d in 16 out of 17 races since joining CPTC, and attributes his latest to our very own Tony Ruiz: “In the final mile, I was fighting all of my instincts to ease up, and when it got to crunch time, there was Tony, bellowing ‘PUMP YOUR ARMS!'” Duncan says. “I did, it helped enormously, and was certainly the difference between me breaking 39 and not breaking 39.”

2018 Standings:

West Side: 60 

Urban Athletics: 48 

CPTC: 40 

NBR: 26 

Now for the “Etc.” promised in my subject line:

Next up is the Team Championships 5-Miler on July 28th. This is the big one. We get double points in this race, and we score five deep (as opposed to three deep, as in most races), so if you’e one who often finishes in the top 10 for CPTC men’s masters but has trouble scoring, this is your race!!! 

Second, since Daniel Ifcher graduated to the 50+ group, it’s time to rename his eponymous cup. We’ll be doing that at the end of the 2018 season, based on who’s run the most points races. Right now, it’s a dead heat between Osvaldo Martinez and Gerd Zeibig, though we have seven points races left in the year, so you still have a shot. Here are the current totals (if you spot any errors, please let me know):

Osvaldo Martinez — 4

Gerd Zeibig — 4

David Alm — 3

Stephen Curtis — 3

Duncan McVerry — 3

Robert Peszkowski — 3

Thierry Soudee — 2

Vincent Corso — 2

Larry Go — 2

Eric Lattin — 2

Mohammed Lahseni — 2

Herve Megras — 2

Brenn Jones — 1

Brad Weiss — 1

Jacob Cooper — 1

Shane Campbell — 1

Franz Hinojosa — 1

Zebulon Nelessen — 1

Peter Brady — 1

Cary Segall — 1

Landry Da Teresa — 1


Report from Chris Donnelly of the 50+:

CPTC’s 50+ mens’ squad took first place in last week’s Queens 10K race in convincing fashion with a comfortable seven minute margin over second place UA as our scoring team took three of the top six spots in the 50-54 age bracket and newcomer Lindrud vaulted onto the 10 top all time best list.   The new route had as many turns as the old one — too many — but favorable weather helped everyone along.

Queens resident Brad Kelley’s 35:57 represented the borough well, as he took second place among 50-54 men.  Mark Lindrud took third, running 36:37, while our third scorer, David Dorsey took sixth place in the 50-54 category.

Atypically, it was a relatively light turnout for the 50+ squad. Edwin Hernandez’s 40:48 was good for 15th place in the 50-54 age group, while Oscar Hernandez closed it out for us running 50:16. 

With four races now completed in the 2018 club points race, CPTC sits atop the leaderboard with 57 points, followed by UA at 40 and BRRC and Taconic tied at 32. NBR rounds out the top five with 25 points. Remember, the next race, the NYRR Team Championship race counts for double points. It’s on July 28 so please remember to sign up. 


Report from Hank Schiffman of the 60+:

One could not have asked for a more beautiful day to stroll in Flushing Meadows Park. But a bit warm for a fast 10k. There was carnage and there was excellence. 

Kudos go to David Blumel, 38:55, 1st in age group, 85.08%, who hit the ball out of the park and broke a window on the 4th floor down the block. If a sub 40:00 10k is the standard for being a 60+ bully, his time puts him in the ubermensch realm. In my tenure running for NYRR, I don’t recall seeing anyone running a sub 39:00 before. Yet he wears his gift so well; understated and unassuming. His time was good for 1st place AG in the prior age group. And his AG% was nearly identical to the great Brad Kelley’s at 35:57, who happens to have been the next younger teammate to him. Officer David Dorsey was the 3rd scorer for our 1st place 50+ team, and he finished a minute, 2 seconds and 10 years ahead of David. We have another monster in our midsts. 

Meanwhile, his back ups: Art Palmer, 43:28, 8th in David’s age group, 76.18% and Yasuhiro Makoshi, 43:38, 1st in my 65-69 age group, 78.81%, managed to run their races in spite of the heat. Art demurred on his effort in the heat; I would have traded up. Amy Kvilhaug finished between the 2, scoring 2nd for our 2nd place 40+ women, while the great Colleen McGurk pulled up with allergies. She will be all right surfing a huge swell of talent and dedication.

Charlie Parchment, our 1st scoring backup ran 45:08, good for 72.69%, good for 12th in his competitive age group. He has been a dedicated team point runner. Thank you Charlie!

My first mile was good. Thereafter it slowed, then crashed and burned. The last few miles were like mile 18 in a marathon where you got it wrong and your legs felt like you were running in a vat of honey: 45:43. There comes a time when you know for certain that you are not keeping up with the herd. That was certainly just past the 5k mark for me. The curtain falls away and you are just a man in a booth pulling levers. Time passes slowly and you are the daddy knowing the answer to the question, are we there yet? Speed and miles off Strava show a steady decline in pace, something consistent with a lack of training. So, at 68 it was good for 3rd in age group and 77.44%. As I’m running down the back side of the hill of my life the perspective could give a mortal pause. My currency buys less, yet there is something to the old saw: it is better to be over the hill, than under the hill. My love to Coach Tony for encouragement in the tumult. 

Kevin McGuire, 50:41, was still good for 14th in his age group. He was off by a second in his split from 5k, remarkable for the heat. In fact, most of our merry band ran close to even splits. They must be doing their homework.

Alan Ruben, home nursing a gamy knee, has certainly been glued to the telly watching the World Cup. May the sun shine on England for him and Princess Meghan. 

Thus we came in 2nd place, a bit over 4 minutes behind Taconic’s dynamic trio. David bested the lot of them. The rest of us could not support his effort, but not for lack of trying. Though we finished 8.5 minutes ahead of the strong Brooklyn team. We are coming into our own. 

Certainly an interesting day at the races.

Captain Hank

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