“I knew that I needed to join CPTC”: Ryan Archer Profile

This week’s CPTC runner profile is Ryan Archer. After a solid collegiate career racing for Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Ryan moved to New York last year to work as a software engineer for Jet.com. After training solo for a few months, Ryan began to attend some of the team workouts in Central Park and up at the Armory. Ryan joined the team in the Spring of this year, stating “Eddie (Mulder) and Victor (Palumbo) blew me away in a few workouts at the Armory, and I knew that I needed to join.”

Ryan had a great spring, racing on the track and roads, setting new PR’s in the 10k (30:29) and half marathon (67:11 at the Brooklyn half). Now he’s building mileage to get ready for races in the fall, when he plans to make his marathon debut at the Chicago Marathon in October. We caught up with Ryan and asked him a few questions about running and life in New York.

(Archer, left, with teammate Matt Rand at the Brooklyn Half)

Q: What first got you started running?
Ryan Archer: My middle school had a large cross country team and I decided to give it a try in 6th grade. At first, I was not very fit and did not enjoy running, but by 9th grade I had given up other sports to focus on track and XC.

Q: You graduated last year from Carnegie Mellon. What your some of your best performances and memories from your college career?
RA: During my junior XC season, we won the conference championship for the first time in several years. The race was at Franklin Park in Boston, which is arguably the most historic cross country course in the country. I ran my best race of the season and finished 3rd to lead our team to a surprise win.

Q: Since joining CPTC, what has been the biggest advantages of being on the team?
RA: By far the biggest advantage is having the other runners for workouts and races. Eddie Mulder and Matt Rand have been a huge help getting me through rough workouts in the park.

Q: You had some great races this spring, setting new PR’s on the track and roads. What have been some of the keys to your success this year?
RA: I didn’t join CPTC until spring, so my winter consisted of just base miles. I think this set me up well for hard workouts in March and April that got me fit and race ready for the spring. I also was able to get more consistent with my long runs and include harder portions into these runs.

Q: What was your favorite race of the spring? Can you take us through your race?
RA: My favorite race this spring was the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. The race temperature was perfect in the low 50s, but we faced heavy rain and a bit of wind. I kept the chase pack in sight through the hills of Prospect Park as I had planned. Coming out of the park, everyone took off and I was able to make a move coming on the Ocean Parkway. Around mile 7, I caught up to Matt Rand and worked with him for a few miles. I ran a great last 10k and finished 8th in 67:11.

Q: What’s a typical week of training look like for you these days?
RA: My marathon training this summer will consist of 1-2 workouts a week, which will either be a tempo or a long run with some portion at goal marathon pace. Depending on how things go, my mileage will likely max out around 110 miles per week.

Q: As you prepare for the fall racing season, how do you deal with the heat and humidity of New York in the summer months?
RA: I just try to get out for my run as early as possible. There really isn’t much else I can control.

Q: What are your planned races and goals for this fall?
RA: I’ll be running the NYRR Club Champs, the Rock n Roll Philly Half and the Chicago Marathon. My goal for the half is to run somewhere in the low 66 range and gain some confidence going into my marathon debut. I think I should see how training goes before I set a goal for Chicago.

Q: What surprised you most about living in NYC after moving?
RA: There are more great running routes than just Central Park. I’m also surprised by the talent that shows up to the local races.

Q: With almost a full year of post-collegiate running under your belt, what advice would you give to recent grads?
RA: Be patient. You have plenty of years left to run fast, and it takes years of consistent training to run well at longer distances.

Q: Favorite race distance?
RA: 10k or Half Marathon

Q: Favorite workout?
RA: 8-10 mile tempos

Q: Least favorite workout?
RA: 400s

Q: Favorite running shoes?
RA: New Balance 1400s

Q: Favorite NYC running routes?
RA: A loop from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge and back along the Williamsburg Bridge.

Q: Favorite non-NYC place to run?
RA: Pittsburgh

Q: Favorite movie?
RA: Pulp Fiction

Q: Favorite food?
RA: Ramen

Q: Go-to non-running pastime?
RA: Hmm. I used to golf before moving to NYC. Now I just work and run.

Q: If you could pick any one famous athlete to go for a run with, who would you choose?
RA: Noah Droddy or Sam Parsons

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