Race Report from Ani Go of the 40+ & 50+: Percy Sutton 5k & 5th Avenue Mile


We love Harlem!  On a favorable summer morning, the Master Blasters moved uptown to race a hilly 5k which included lovely St. Nicholas and Jackie Robinson Parks.  The first mile of the newly revised course started almost completely uphill, followed by a quick downhill and a sharp pop-up uphill in the second mile, then concluding with a flying downhill and a flat landing pad.  Our small troop did represent, with Audrey Kingsley and Sarah Abdallah for the 40+ team, and Captain Ani Go and Susan Doyle-Lindrud representing for the 50+ team.  Susan Doyle-Lindrud and your newly aged 50+ Captain Ani, assisted Audrey Kingsley to score for the 40+ team.  Sarah Abdallah provided support.  It’s a pleasure and joy to see Audrey back in the racing scene, and she had a space in the top 10 of her age group, placing 5th.  Great job, Aud!

The 50+ ladies landed a podium spot in the race!  The scoring team of Captain Ani, Susan, and Barbara Byrne (of the 60+ team!), came in 3rd place!  This is our best scoring race of the season so far.  This was Ani’s first race for the 50+ team and she was quite pleased.  Here are her words: “Woohoo!  This was a great race!  I had my best 5k in 4 years!  For once, I executed well and even landed 3rd in my age group.  And I’m so happy to help the team place!”.  The always strong and swift Susan is healthy and back in the racing scene, also placing solidly in 4th place of her age group.  Greatness lies ahead for Susan as gears up for cross country season!  

Barbara Byrne is a wonder.  She scores, once again, for the 50+ team, for her own 60+ team, and places first in her age group.  It must take hours to dust her awards!  

Congrats to our 3rd place 40+, 1st place 50+, 2nd place 60+ and 70+ men’s teams, and our open women’s 2nd place and men’s 3rd place teams!  GO ORANGE!



How fast can you run a mile?  

Few other races both exhilarate and scare like the Fifth Avenue Mile.  The issue isn’t running the mile.  The issue is how FAST can you run it?  

The 40+ and 50+ ladies Masters Blasters decided to give it a go.  So on a dreary damp and cool morning, which was marked more pointedly by rain as the morning grew longer, Amy Kvilhaug, Julie Tucker, and Sarah Abdallah of the 40+ group, and Captain Ani Go, Susan Doyle-Lindrund, Sue Pearsall, Stacy Creamer, and Diane Lebowitz hailing from the 50+ team, took to the shadow of the Met and tested their ability and will for a mile.  

Amy Kvilhaug

The scoring team for the 40+ ladies was built of Amy Kvilhaug on top with her quick 5:49 placing her 8th in her age group.  A solid effort, Amy had this to say about her race:

My result was absolutely not what I was hoping for when I set out to specifically train for it 6 weeks prior BUT neither was a 12 day hiatus from key workouts with a hamstring issue and a nasty flu. Had a great cool down with Sue P, Susan DL, and Stacy C. – such good teammates who gave me some perspective to take from my race. So I will take my 5:49 as a victory and move forward, eager to soon feel this kind of hurt again.

 A side note is that every other time Amy runs this mile, she runs the same exact time!  This must be one of those years. 

Next on the scoring train is Captain Ani in 6:04, mirroring Amy’s 8th place age group finish.  Her time was good enough for a 82.2% AG.  Ani comments:

Eeeeeecccch, not my best time by far.  I was pleased with my execution up until the last 150 meters of the race, when my kick fell flat and I saw sub-6 dissolve away.  There’s always next year!  The best part, besides finishing, was standing at the start line with the Susans (Doyle-Lindrund and Pearsall).

Julie Tucker

Closing up the 40+ scoring team was Susan Doyle-Lindrund who ran 6:14, finished 9th in her age group, and earned a 81.03% AG for her hard work.  Also representing for the 40+ team was Julie Tucker, who ran a solid 6:30, and Sarah Abdallah in 6:36.  Great job ladies!

Susan Doyle-Lindrud

The 50+ scoring team was fully comprised of 50+ ladies!  First to score was Ani Go, followed by Susan D-L who once again, scores for both 40+ and 50+ teams.  And twinning with Susan is our quiet killer Sue P who ran with and finished with the same time as Susan D-L in 6:14, an extraordinary 82.05% AG and stacked 10th in her age group.  In other words, all 3 of our scoring ladies finished one right after the other in the top 10!  Also there to compete was Stacy Creamer, completing the mile in 6:33, finishing 4th in her age group, and with a huge 84.76% AG.  Way to go, Stacy!  Lastly but not leastly, Diane Lebowitz comes to play, running the mile in 8:04.  Diane comes out once a year to test her mettle in the mile.  

Congrats to our 1st place 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ masters men (!) and our 1st place 60+, and 70+ masters women!


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Captain Ani and Captain Colleen GO ORANGE!

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