Race Report from Jacy Arbeit & Veronica Jackson of the Open Women: Percy Sutton 5k & 5th Avenue Mile

Percy Sutton 5K Race Report

The Percy Sutton 5K changed its course so the runners saw a hilly new route that coupled for with humid conditions, made for a tough race. The Open came away with a second place team finish and some top 10 times, despite all of this.   

 Steph Herrick was our first runner with a time of 18:28.  She also happened to be 7th overall and nagged a 2nd place in her age group award as well.  

Our next two runners sandwiched the podium in the 35-39 age group with Alysia Dusseau taking 1st in the age group and Grace White taking home 3rdAlysia was also 9th overall.  

Jena Tiernan didn’t run a PR but came very close which says a lot on the challenging course. She is very excited for the cross country season ahead!

We might have had a small group of girls toe the line but all deserve an applause on a helping the team take home the runner-up spot.  Congrats Ladies!

CPTC Women Times:

Stephanie Herrick 18:28

Alysia Dusseau 18:38

Grace White 19:00

Jena Tiernan 19:49

Jacy Kruzel 19:53

Katie Greifeld 19:56


5th Avenue Mile Race Report

The 5th Avenue Mile usually is one of the first crisp falls days and a perfect day to go out and watch runners take over the streets with speed and grace.  This year was once again welcome cool temperatures but it was accompanied by a steady rain. Many runners noted the difficulty of slippery roads as they reached top speed.  Based on the Open Women’s 3rd place finish and very fast times, it would be hard to know the conditions were rough.  

The women were led by Meg Manly’s fast 4:48.  

Next up was Brianna Hickey who ran a 5 second road PR of 4:54.  Even with the rain she mentioned she had such a great time and loved the fun race atmosphere. 

Following with another PR was Natalie Steinemann in 5:16.  This was a whole 18-second road PR! She thanked the CPTC crowd at the halfway point and the downward slope after to getting her legs to move.  Her favorite part of the race was that there are different heats, so you have the rare chance to see your teammates crushing it in their own races right before or after yours. Talk about a team player all around! 

And yet another PR was record ran by Verity Rees –   15 second PR. She would really like to thank Devon for her invaluable guidance and support, “this is the fifth race distance that I’ve run a PR in this season and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Even after a day of cocktails and watching the US Open exciting Serena match, Lindsay Crouse came away with an Adult PR of 5:39. 

We were happy to have Jess Chin back out there with a new title – Mom! It may not have been a PR but running 6:05 for her first postpartum race is quite impressive. Welcome back to the roads Jess!

Running her fastest 5th Avenue mile in 6 years was Natalie Sopic, who loved hearing CPTC teammates as she made her way down to 60th street. 

Congratulations to all the CPTC Open Women who ran the 5th Avenue Mile:

Meg Manley 4:48

Brianna Hickey 4:55

Natalie Steinemann 5:16

Stephanie Herrick 5:25

Lindsay Crouse 5:39

Verity Rees 5:39

Lindsay Chin 6:06

Natalie Sopic 6:21

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