CPTC Member Jaclyn Gilbert’s Novel About Running Celebrated

CPTCer Jaclyn Gilbert’s Late Air, is almost here. Official publishing date is November 13, 2018, but readers, including many teammates,  came together in New York City to celebrate the novel.

Late Air is a story of the world of elite female athletic performance like no other novel I can think of. In her debut, Gilbert is alternately a miner, a sculptor, a guiding ghost, but always a virtuoso—showing us the athlete’s body as a perfectible object, a vessel for obsessions, a target, and a site for the recuperation of the athlete’s humanity.” —Alexander Chee, author of EdinburghThe Queen of the Night, and How to Write an Autobiographical Novel

“In this mesmerizing debut, Jaclyn Gilbert has given us a deep and nuanced study of the ways that loss can ravage a marriage, how passion becomes obsession, and the body as a site of devastation and healing. Gilbert’s prose is luminous and hypnotic, so finely wrought it cuts. This book riveted me, broke my heart, and revived me.” —Melissa Febos, author of Whip Smart and Abandon Me

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