Race Report from Laurence Go of the 40+: Percy Sutton 5k & 5th Avenue Mile

Percy Sutton 5K:

On a picture perfect summer day at Percy Sutton the masters men captured 3rd place with a skeleton crew.  Jeremy Shingleton was our first scorer with aid offered by Grand Masters Brad Kelley and Mark Lindrud.

Our first scorer Jeremy Singleton (16:56, 2nd in age (40-44), 80.96%) had this to say about his race:

It’s been very gradual progress for me.  Each year, I put in a little more miles and manage to shave off a few seconds from the same races I’ve run in the past.  Saturday was my best time for this course and a nice lifetime 5k PR.

 The course seemed a little more challenging based upon what I remember from last time.  I didn’t even know about the change until they mentioned it right before the start of the race, so it didn’t factor into my race strategy.  The plan was to go out a little slower than goal pace (trying to break 17 minutes) and hope for a negative split with the downhill to flat finish.  Fortunately, I just managed to get in under my goal time.

On the comeback trail, Mohammed Lahseni (18:22, 10th in age (45-49), 79.77%) when asked about how he felt:

 My race was good, and I was happy with my time. Going up the second hill, I was slowing down. But after that, I was keeping a good pace.

Tied for in the participation cup standings, Gerd Zeibig (20:19, 34th in age (40-44), 68.97%) commented on the new route and the race:

Since I tripped over one of the speed-bumps on Edgecombe Avenue a couple of years ago, the new course was much less stressful for me, but I also miss the run up along Jackie Robinson Park.  At the starting line I was very nervous about my knee injury, worrying if this race would completely knock me out for the foreseeable future, but fortunately it turns out the damage wasn’t that bad.

 Our fourth racer was, Eduardo Ribeiro Ferreira (18:16, 9th in age (40-44), 76.73%), who ran his first club points race this year.  Hopefully, we will see more of him before the year is out.

 Great job getting out there guys! 🙂


 5th Avenue Mile:

 Who had the need for speed? The masters men did as we finished 1st at the Fifth Avenue mile.

 Our Scorers:

Peter Brady, 4:30, 2nd in age (45-49), 91.46%

Jeremy Shingleton, 4:42, 2nd in age (40-44), 83.54%

Sherman Lau, 4:44, 5th in age (45-49), 87.07%

I find that the 5th Avenue mile is one of my favorite races for many reasons.  It’s after the worst of the summer heat, the course is as straight as a pin, I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and it’s unique in that you’re able to both race and spectate.

 Here are a few thoughts of the race from our three scorers.

Peter Brady 

Peter Brady:

 I wish I could report that I’m happy with my race yesterday, but it was actually a pretty disappointing result for me. I believe this is the 4th time I’ve finished second in this race. I was really hoping to win yesterday, but victory in this race continues to elude me. Early in the race, I ran alongside the leaders and was content to bide my time rather than pushing the pace. With about 1/4 mile to go, Boyd Carrington, who I suspected would be my toughest challenger, picked up the pace and I stayed a step or two behind planning to wait until closer to the finish to make an all-out push. Ultimately, Boyd made a decisive move with about 100m left and quickly gapped me by about 5 meters. I tried my best to close the gap, but I wasn’t able to. He finished in 4:28 and I was 4:30. It’s very frustrating because I know I am in great shape and felt good heading into the race, but I just didn’t close strong enough and I have to give credit to Boyd. I’m am very glad that we won the team competition.

 Sometimes in running, disappointments are necessary to help focus on areas for improvement and keep you motivated for the future and I am trying my best to look at my result that way. Time for a little break from workouts and then I will start to gear up for indoor track to see if I can get back under 2 minutes for the 800 this season. 

 Jeremy Shingleton:

 My peak fitness for the year coincided nicely with my most competitive distance in the club points series. The result was a lifetime PR.

 The race goes by so quickly and I hadn’t competed in this race since 2015. As a result, I wasn’t able to make my move until it was too late. 1st place for my age group was within reach, as was breaking 4:40, so I have mixed feelings. Overall, though, I am grateful for the PR.

 I’ve scored in every points race since turning 40, but don’t think I can continue the streak. With distances extending out – 10mi, HM, Marathon – my training needs to adapt.  I’ll try to extend my mileage, but I feel worn down right now and not sure if I can keep going until November. If not, then I look forward to returning for the 2019 season!

 Sherman Lau:

 I’ve been in base training since late July so I didn’t know where my mile fitness would be, so I was a little hesitant.  The rain also made me a little careful of my footing. I ran about what I thought. I ran 4:39 last year when it was a perfect day, so I’m not too disappointed.  Glad I could help the team with some points since I’m not too useful in any of the longer events. 

Osvaldo Martinez

 The rest of our finishers:

 Cary Segall, 4:50, 6th in age (40-44), 83.83% – 6 second PR as per the NYRR database

Duncan McVerry, 5:04, 17th in age (45-49), 81.89% – 1 second PR as per the NYRR database

Osvaldo Martinez, 5:05, 20th in age (40-44), 77.85% – 7 second PR as per the NYRR database

Jeffery Dengate, 5:07, 24th in age (40-44), 77.48% – 2 second PR as per the NYRR database

Brenn Jones, 5:15, 36th in age (40-44), 77.27%

Joe Oleary, 5:28, 56th in age (40-44), 73.54%

Jesus Montero, 5:43, 64th in age (45-49), 73.81%

Laurence Go, 5:45, 72nd in age (45-49), 72.63%

Kimihiko Oishi, 5:57, 92nd in age (45-49), 70.87%

Herve Megras, 6:56, 229nd in age (45-49), 60.76%


2018 Standings:

West Side: 110

Urban Athletics: 95 

CPTC: 89 


With 2 races dropped:

West Side: 90

Urban Athletics: 71

CPTC: 69

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West Side seems to have an insurmountable lead and the race for 2nd is shaping up to be a real nail biter.


 Osvaldo Martinez remains as the top of the participation standings:

 Osvaldo Martinez — 6

Gerd Zeibig — 5

David Alm — 3

Stephen Curtis — 3

Mohammed Lahseni — 4

Duncan McVerry — 4

Robert Peszkowski — 3

Thierry Soudee — 3

Peter Brady — 3

Vincent Corso — 2

Larry Go — 3

Brenn Jones — 3

Herve Megras — 3

Cary Segall — 3

Jeremy Shingleton – 3

Eric Lattin — 2

Zebulon Nelessen — 2

Joe O’Leary – 2

Kimihiko Oishi – 2

Brad Weiss – 1

Jacob Cooper — 1

Shane Campbell — 1

Franz Hinojosa — 1

Landry Da Teresa — 1 

Eduardo Ribeiro Ferreira – 1

Jeffery Dengate – 1

Jesus Montero — 1


And away from the NYRR universe……

From the west coast, our captain David Alm ran “The Mother of all Relays”.  Here are his thoughts on the race:

This was my fourth Hood to Coast, but the team I’m on has been doing it since 2007. Hood to Coast is a 200-mile relay from the top of Mount Hood to the Oregon Coast, via Portland. There are 12 people in two vans that basically play leapfrog with each other every six legs, and each runner does three legs, getting several hours’ rest between each one. We finished fourth in the mixed open division (half men, half women) after winning the division the previous three years, so that was a little disappointing. We were 26 minutes behind first place, which over 200 miles isn’t that much, with a time of 21:47 (6:35 average pace for the team). My own legs ranged from 5:40 for the first leg up to 6:55 for the last one — it’s tough to run hard when you’ve been cooped up in a van all night. We started at 2pm and finished just before noon the next day. It’s fun to race against other New Yorkers way out west — this year I passed a woman from the Whippets I know in the first leg — and it’s always good to see old friends from CPTC, like the Hyneses (Patrick and Katie) and Felice Kelly. They’re all still running very well. Now I’m just looking forward to toeing the line in the Bronx with all of you on a legit night’s sleep. 

 Let’s see if we can make it two in a row! Onward to da Bronx boys! 

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