Report from Jacy Kruzel of the Open: The Staten Island Half

The CPTC Open Women came away with a runner up finish on Sunday at the Staten Island Half Marathon. Fall has finally arrived and the team took advantage of the perfect racing temperatures to run many solid races, including some PRs! It previewed some of our top fall marathoners stellar fitness as they approach the last weeks of their training.

Alex Bernard led the team with a 7th overall finish in 1:20:03.  Alex, along with 8th overall finisher, Veronica Jackson, ran side by side the whole race, chatting and making the fast times look easy. Both ran the race as a workout in preparation for later fall marathons.  This was a great indication of the tip top shape they are in and the exciting times to come in their respective marathon races.


Anisa Arsenault was our next runner, running a sub 1:22 PR in 1:21:51.  That was also good enough for 3rd place in her age group! 

Teamwork continued throughout the race as Mary Kate Bida and Alysia Dusseau ran the same exact time of 1:22:13, which also happened to be PRs for both.  And the twinning trend continues, as Mary Kate and Alysia earned 2nd place age group awards for the PRs! Alysia said, “Great weather…so happy there wasn’t rain for this race!  I had a 25 second PR!” Good things to come in NYC Marathon for this duo.

Close behind and running a lot of the race with these three was Elleree Erdos in 1:23:34. Elleree said, “Highlights from Sunday were working together with Anisa, Alysia, and Mary Kate in a solid pack in the first half, and the amazing CPTC guy whose name is a total mystery to me, who was basically my personal cheerleader for the entire last 5k. We have the most supportive, amazing team ever!” We can’t agree more Elleree!

Jacyln Gilbert ran a stellar race but also more accomplishments to speak of.  She recently published a fiction novel about running entitled “Late Air”.  If you want to hear more about her book, she is hosting a launch event Tuesday November 13th at 6:30pm at the NYRR Run Center. 

Congratulations to all our Staten Island Finishers!

Alexandra Bernardi 1:20:03
Veronica Jackson 1:20:08
Anisa Arsenault 1:21:51
Mary Kate Bida 1:22:13
Alysia Dusseau 1:22:13
Elleree Erdos 1:23:34
Jacy Kruzel 1:31:16
Jaclyn Gilbert 1:33:06
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