Report from Hank Schiffman of the 60+: the NYC Marathon

The NYC Marathon attracts world wide talent of all ages; taking 2nd team place is a big deal, we did it!

Consider that WSX, 1st place, had 2 runners who were each top 3 finishers in their age groups. Their 1st, Jaime Palacios had the 3rd fastest time of all finishers over 60. He was 2 minutes and 12 seconds over 3:00. Only 2 runners over 60 ran sub 3:00.

While conditions would appear to have been ideal, just 2 of our runners, Don Favre and Yasuhiro Makoshi, ran close to even splits. Charles Parchment, our 2nd scorer, had leg cramps. When the dust had settled, Yasuhiro, Alan Ruben and Rick Shaver continued their streaks.

1. West Side Runners 10:06:17

 1 Jaime Palacios, 63, 3:02:48 (3rd in age group)

 2 Cesar Estevez, 60, 3:14:49

 3 Julio Aguirre, 72, 3:48:40 (2nd in age group). Julio has come roaring back from a diagnosis of serious medical issue:

I will  not give up ! 

2. CPTC New Balance 10:42:52

 1 Donald Favre, 3:22:5/  74.04%, 25 out of 1263 in AG:

I’m glad I decided to run. Had a great time. 

 2 Charles Parchment, 3:36:26/ 69.42%, 60 out of 1263 in AG:

I felt I ran too fast in the FIRST half. I ran at a slower pace last year and it was better for me. I paid the price this year for my own mistakes.

I STOPPED at MILE 23; I got FATIGUE. I drank 3 cups and started to run again but I had to STOP again between 23 and 24. The last 2 miles FATIGUE went away so I gathered up to try and get a TIME. COOL RUNNINGS 60 PLUS second; that is nice. I STOPPED AROUND 4 times between mile 23 and 24. One a those days!


I forgot to mention this to you this is the FIRST time I ever run with cramps in my thigh …

Yasuhiro Makoshi 

3 Yasuhiro Makoshi, 3:43:30/ 71.29&, 21 out of 464 in AG. His 33rd NYC Marathon:

I didn’t have long mileage training this year so that was a happy result.

1st back up, Dennis O’Donnell, 3:55:51/ 64.94%, 174 out of 1263 in AG:

I’ll take what I got. 

My training, or lack thereof, permitted nothing better. 

Between Mile 14 and Mile 21, try as I might, I could not get up any extra steam.

I found a little more deep down to get me through the last 5 miles. 

I cannot believe that I beat Alan, who must really be hurting. 

But, again, I will take what I got

Alan Ruben, 3:56:15/ 64.25, 177 out of 1263 in AG. His 62nd marathon, half of which – 31 have been the NYC Marathon. 4 years ago in 2014 he ran this race in 2:59:49:

3:56 – not bad considering my knee issue which was fine for the race but lack of training caught up to me. Was doing OK to 20 but then had to walk a little and got a bad cramp but ran most of the last 10k just very slowly.

Gary Gosselin:  4:14:48/ 61.3%, 308 out of 1263 in AG:

I am grateful to be able to run and privileged to be a member of the club.  Thanks to everyone for their support on the course yesterday. It was a lift to see the crew entering the park.

Rick Shaver: 5:42:58 the streak stays alive: 41!


Dash to the Finish 5k

Dave Delano and Hank Schiffman ran this flawed race. Other than elites and those in the front of the AA corral, the start of the race was a frustrating dodge around “joggers,” some side by side.

NYRR doesn’t usually make error’s of this sort. I can’t quote the online pre-race blurb because it is gone, but I was told it invited runners who were registered to run the marathon the next day to jog. That would have been fine if they were in another, subsequent wave, or way in the back. The B corral as well as corrals ahead had many runners who were not running the proscribed pace for their corral. A 5k is no place for unqualified traffic up front at the start. Much of the first mile was cutting and weaving.

None-the-less, Dave ran 27:12:

BTW, my time today was 20 seconds faster than any 5k since I stopped the statins. Just keeps getting better.  

Hank, 21:44, 15 seconds out of 1st place in AG. It was faster than anyone in the prior age group, which points to it being a less than competitive field:

I assumed that the race being the USATF 5k Championships, would have been treated as a competitive race for everyone else. With some feedback to NYRR HQ, maybe next year it will be so.


Up next, the Fred Lebow 5k XC Championships, then on to Ted Corbitt’s 15k.


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