Report of Sylvie Kimche of the 60+ and 70+: Ted Corbitt 15k

Lynn Blackstone

Photo: John Tran

W70+ Team:

The W70+ team finished the year with a bang, taking 1st place again (we are always 1st team when we do have a team….unfortunately there were too many races where we did not have 3 runners and therefore did not score. Let’s try to do better next year!)

Deb lead the team in 1:31:17, good for 1st in her new age group W70-74 and good also for 7 in the top 10 CPTC best times list for W60+

Way to go Deb!

Deb had this to say about her race:

I dreaded this race: the cold, the race distance, the course….  As usual I started back in the pack but decided to think about it as enforced pacing instead of freaking about all the time I was losing.  It was cold and people standing on the sidelines must have been freezing!  Thank you so much, teammates and coaches for coming out and cheering!  You were tremendous!  I ran pretty steady but was very tired by the end – the last .03 felt murderous – and then bummed at the finish because my watch said I hadn’t met my goal.  But when the results came in it was a great relief to see my training has been making a difference and I was able to contribute to this unbelievable team .

Judith was 2nd for the W70+ team in 1:43:14 and 2nd as well in the W70-74 age group.

Lynn scored again for the team as she always does, in 1:51:27, an 11:58 pace which was her goal. And she was 1st in her 75-79 age group. Well done Lynn!

In her own words:

My goal in Ted Corbitt 15K was not only to finish with the Women’s 70+ Team but also to run it in under 12 minutes a mile and I did. And the bonus – first in Women 75-79! 

With their win today, the W70+ team cemented their 2nd place finish for the year.

W60+ Team:

The “aging” W60+ team (average age 68) competing against much younger teams managed a very respectable 4th place and confirmed their 4th place for the year.

Barbara lead the team as usual in a very strong performance: 1:15:31, an 8:07 pace, 1st in her W65-69 age group and an outstanding 86.77% AG.

Barbara’s race comments:

The most difficult part of the race was pinning on my bib.  Once that was done, and I had parted with my outer layers, I warmed up and found that I actually did warm up.

I had neither a plan nor a goal for the race, other than to make a reasonable effort.  Sorry coaches, I doubt this is a recommended approach!  I enjoyed it.  I noticed I was at 8.16 pace at mile 3 and vowed to try to maintain that as long as possible [*** Note from your reporter: Barbara sped up a lot as her overall pace was 8:07***]

Thanks to all those who came out to cheer…Tony’s strong voice couldn’t be missed, first on the west side then twice on the east side, making sure we didn’t start to slacken our resolve!..also Sylvie and Ivy, and I know there were others.  It was surely very chilly to stand around and the encouragement is appreciated. 

Congratulations to all the age groups that made the podium, and to everyone who came out to compete.

Dave’s brunch gathering for the 60+group was a great way to wrap up the last points race. 

So glad to be a part of the team.  Thanks all! 

Sherrel, back in shape after her long injury layout, was 2nd for the team in 1:31:15 (she prevailed over Deb by a mere 2 seconds…). She was 4th in her W65-69 age group.

Sherrel’s comments:

I was thrilled with my performance in the Ted Corbitt 15k as this was my 1st longer distance race since last year.

The frigid temp and the crowded roadway made the 4 mile loop somewhat difficult; by the time I reached the 5.5-6 mile mark I started to feel my rhythm and could start to really race 

I want to thank the cheering squad at E.96 St. for spurring me on to charge toward the finish.

Placing 4th in the 65-69 age group and 6th in the top 10 60+ CPTC list is a great way to end 2018, and a Fantastic commencement toward 2019.

Signed:  Sherrel Harmon (The Caboose)

[*** Sorry Sherrel, you’re not The Caboose anymore…? ***]

Deb double-dipped and was 3rd for the W60+ team. Congrats Deb!

Congrats to all the CPTC runners and great team results. Thanks to Tony for cheering all year long, rain or shine, or freezing weather.

And thanks to Dave for his warm brunch gathering tradition for the 60+ runners after the 15K. Not sure how Dave could run the race and be the host for a lot of hungry and cold runners, but he did. So congrats for that feat too!

Happy holidays and a happy, healthy New Year to all.

See you at the CPTC Award party in January!


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