Report of Laurence Go of the 40+: Ted Corbitt 15k

We finished 2nd at Ted Corbitt, it was a strong finish to our season.  We came on strong the second half of the season but came up just short of second place in the final standings with Urban Athletics besting us by one point.  It was great to see the team come together with so many different guys pinching in.  We had 10 different scorers for the team throughout the year with Jeremy Shingleton leading with 4 races. Amazing and congratulations to all!

As for Ted Corbit, we had a bunch of fast times with Peter Brady leading the way.  Here is his summary of his race and his season.

Peter Brady (53:26, 2nd in age, 40-44, 82.39%):

In terms of the Ted Corbitt 15K, I was mostly pleased with my performance. The race always takes place as I am starting to transition back into training for indoor track. I did a very good/hard track workout the Wednesday prior to this race and as a result was feeling pretty sore and tired coming into the race. I managed to run reasonably well for the first 5 miles or so, then really slowed down over the last few miles as the muscle soreness caught up to me. I also tend not to run as well when it’s cold – I will take an 80 degree day over 25 degrees any time. In spite of this, I managed to run a couple seconds faster than I did in last year’s race, so I was happy with that. It’s a little disappointing that we couldn’t beat Urban Athletics to capture second place in the team standings, but credit to them as they ran really strong in spite of missing a couple of their top runners.

Overall, 2018 was a decent year for me on the roads. I had a couple good 5Ks and and was generally competitive in my age group in all of my races. It was a bit of a down year on the track for me as I never managed to break 2:00 in the 800 or 4:30 in the mile, so I’m hoping to get back under those milestones in 2019!

Mark Lindrud (55:21, 1st in age, 50-54, 83.54%)

Jay (Richard) Sullivan (55:51, 3rd in age, 40- 44, 76.19%) was our 3rd scorer.  He had this to say about his race:

 I wasn’t sure what to expect after racing NYCM in November.  Ended up with a PR of 2 minutes and 7 Seconds this past Saturday finishing in 55:51.  That was good enough to place 3rd in my division (40-44).  This was the first NYRR race I cracked the podium which was cool.  Thanks to a lot of the faster guys for not showing up.  The race for me started out a little slow because of the crowds.  Once I got through the first two miles things seemed to open up and I got into a groove.  The first 4 mile loop felt smooth and I really didn’t feel like I was racing until that second round of west side hills.  I was fortunate enough to run into David around Tavern on Green who kept me honest before the final stretch after Cat Hill.  From there at mile 8 muscle memory kicks in from running in CP every morning.  Pushed the pace and finished strong.  All in all a great year of racing and training with the morning crew in Central Park.  I am really looking forward to improving and focusing on the half marathon circuit in winter / spring of 2019! 

Congratulations to Osvaldo for winning the participation cup by lacing up for 9 out of the 11 club races.  Osvaldo had this to say about winning the award now to be known as the Osvaldo Martinez Cup:

2018 Was a great year for me. Being part of CPTC has being a honor, running for this great team, especially for score races. I would like to thank the entire board, coaches and teammates for letting me be part of this great organization.

I’m truly looking forward to the next year.

Have a great winter season and let’s keep this momentum going into March.  The hills of Washington Heights awaits! Upwards and onwards! 

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