Report of Ani Go of the 40+ & 50+: Washington Heights 5k

What a great day for a 5k!  The history of weather for this particular race has been downright arctic the last few years, so what a pleasure it was to have perfect winter racing conditions for our first scoring race of the year, Washington Heights!

It was a balmy 36 degrees at the start.  The course is challenging with its up and down hills, and also with the narrow out and back road.  Patches of ice and uneven surface were additional variables to keep in mind for race strategy.

That being said, the Women’s Masters 40+ team finished 2nd and our newly expanded 50+ team proudly took 3rd! On the scoring team for 40+ is new mama Wakenda Tyler, and culling speed from the 50+ team, Judy Stobbe and Susan Doyle-Lindrud! For 50+, Judy Stobbe led us, again followed by second in command Susan Doyle-Lindrud, and closing up the scoring team was Stacy Creamer!

The ladies had this to say about their races:


So much fun seeing a ton of the master’s ladies on Sunday!  Although this was considered a ‘marathon’ for me, I do know I need this for endurance and strength for my track events.  And, I’ve been spoiled doing most of my training indoors at the Armory this winter, so the 30 degree weather felt super cold!  I’m so pleased that we placed in both the 40s and 50s….that’s what it is all about!  Am looking forward to doing more of these to help my base endurance training.

Sue D-L:

…So nice to see a large 50 plus group of women out there! I was so happy to be out there and injury free! The weather was better than previous years and I am looking forward to more of the upcoming team races!!


Pleased to report that I ran 8 seconds faster than last year and scored (third) for our 3rd-Place women’s 50+ team!

Also out to support and represent the Lady Oranges were Audrey Kingsley, Sue Pearsall, and your little Captain Ani Go 🐥! 

Great races everyone! And congrats to all our teams!!!

Also worth a big mention, Amy Kvilhaug attended the USATF Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships and stood at the podium for both the 400m and 800m!  She ran the 400m and grabbed bronze against a tough competitive field.  But the best was to come when she competed in the 800m and ran away with gold! Congrats Amy!!! 🥳

Next up in points races—Healthy Kidney 10k on Sunday, April 28th!

Go Orange! 🍊🍊🍊

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