Report of Alysia Dusseau of the Open: Healthy Kidney 10k

Anisa Arsenault

Photo: John Tran

Congratulations to the women’s open team who managed to grab 2nd place in the second scoring race of the year!  Anisa Arsenault came in first for the team with a 36:14, this was a PR for Anisa;

Caroline Willian

Photo: John Tran

Caroline Willian coming off some great winter races was able to work for a 36:37; Manon Blackman pushed through the hilly course to finish with a 37:25; and to round out the top five scoring

Eileen Toomer

Photo: John Tran

Alysia Dusseau and Eileen Toomer (first race on CPTC) both ran a 37:43 and Alysia’s main thought was that Eileen and I could have worked together during this race…next time!

Alyssia Dusseau

Photo: John Tran

Manon Blackman

Photo: John Tran

In other April races we had a few outstanding performances at the Boston Marathon Jess Nachman ran a PR with a time of 3:08 only weeks after her wedding; Natalie Steinemann ran a 3:08, an 8 minute PR; while Nicole Hopkins and Delphine Bietzer both ran Boston to Big Sur!

Meanwhile while we were tackling the hills of Central Park we had some amazing performances in the London Marathon and NJ Marathon and Half.  Ally Spiroff ran a 2:54 at the London Marathon and she was pumped to have amazing crowds and even splits the whole way!  Meanwhile in NJ, Andrea Bradshaw ran a 2:51 in her debut marathon; while Sarah Rathnam ran a 3:20 which was a 6 minute PR; Jena Tiernan ran a 1:30 in the half marathon and that was almost a 3 minute PR!

Congratulations ladies, see you in Brooklyn!

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