Report of Ani Go of the 40+, 50+ & 60+: Brooklyn Half

Ah, the Brooklyn Half. Last year the Lady Oranges were frozen and soaked. This year the stage was set for good vibes and great performances! 

The 40+ladies nabbed 2nd place in a very competitive race! Our ranks now include the talents of the amazing Kate the great Pfeffer, and Sarah Richardson (who also just turned 40 the same day as the race!).  Kate proves that age is just a number running 1:19.56 which is her PR, and was our first scorer.  Second to score was Amy Kvilhaug who also ran a time of 1:31.58! Amy has been on a streak this year!  Completing our stellar scoring team was birthday girl Sarah Richardson in 1:32.03!  She ran her first masters race on her birthday and was happy with the result.  She’s looking onwards to be a faster master! So excited for Sarah’s contributions to the ladies master team!

Congrats ladies!

And the representation doesn’t stop there! Next we have new Lady Orange Nathalie Jones also on the PR streak, ran a PR that day in 1:38.43!  Let’s keep it up!  And also Maria Taveras was there to play with 1:42.27.  Excellent job, ladies! 

These are the ladies’ takes on the race—

Amy’s words:

Brooklyn Half to me means early alarm clocks, racing to the coral and hoping you make it in time, and early morning parties after a tough jaunt counting down Avenues A through V on Ocean Parkway. Man 13.1 miles is a long way to go! My goal for this was to run with no pressure and to use it as a good aerobic training session to help better my goal of fast 800’s on the track. As crazy as it seems to race both the half-mile and the half-marathon, I saw it as both races utilizing the aerobic system so took this as just a long training session. My longest run has been 11 miles over the last few months so I was certainly a smidge apprehensive as to how it would play out, but all the training I’ve done was apparently enough as I posted a respectable 1:31. I started to feel the effects around mile 9 so the last 4 miles were relatively uncomfortable but I pushed through. I wanted to help the masters team out too, so mission accomplished. Congrats to our other 40+ scorers, Kate P. who scorched a 1:19 and Sarah R. who debuted on her birthday as a new masters runner and helped to contribute to our 2nd place finish. Good day for the orange women and men of all ages!

Birthday girl Sarah says:

Brooklyn was a decent race for me. Not a PR for me, although I turned 40 that day, it was my first Masters race, and due to health issues I haven’t run a sub-7 Half Mary pace in about 3 years. My actual half distance watch time was 1:31:28, but nyrr times can’t be changed. I’m fine with it. Hopefully the first good race getting me back to many more moving forward…

PR streaker Nathalie:

My first BK half, AMAZING!!!😆😆😆, also ran my fastest Half 1:38:43, thanks to my Captain ANI🙏

Distance Queen Maria:

I want to congratulate all the runners- 

I had a good run- I have been running 8:15 pace in the last two recent half’s and I did not expect any different. When I saw the first mile at 8 pace I realized it would be slightly better than 8:15 and I was very pleased -at some point during mile 8 or 9 I realized I had a chance at a qualifier and – I fought to maintain the pace – I missed it by 27 seconds. I will try gain. I am happy and surprised- I blame the track workouts for my success and all the runners I try to chase and get nowhere near them but I keep asking for speed and it comes in time. Thank you!


Onwards to the 50+ team!  The 50+ ladies came to rep orange 🍊in Brooklyn! We just missed the podium coming in 4th place but had strong performances. First to score was your little Captain Ani in 1:37.55, which was the best time I’ve ran a half in a few years. Says I—“Still looking to improve but happy with the effort! Onwards!”.  Next on our scoring team was Virginia Day, and her day was 1:40.31! We’re looking for more great work from her as the season progresses!  And closing up our scorers was NEVER QUIT ALWAYS FINISH!!! Audrey Kingsley! Thank you Audrey!  Also out to run a good race is our triathlete Stacy Creamer who is good at just about everything, running 1:45.10.  Great job ladies!


While we didn’t have a 60+ or 70+ team for this particular race, we did have our golden girl Barbara Byrne who ran 1:50.28, won her age group, and scored the coveted 84% AG 😳🤩.


There were more races that weekend—Judy Stobbe ran the NYPD 5k and took 3rd overall !  

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