Report of Ani Go of the 40+ & 50+: Healthy Kidney 10k

Judy Stobbe

Photo: John Tran

TS Eliot wrote…”April is the cruelest month…” However, it wasn’t so for our team!  The masters women’s 40+ and 50+ teams ran away with gold!  After worrying about a miserable and soggy race, the conditions turned out near perfect with overcast skies, a bit moist but with barely a hint of rain or wind.  

Leading the 40+ winning team with a blistering 41:19,  Amy Kvilhaug had an amazing day.  Her words:

Teamwork took on a whole new meaning the morning of UAE Healthy Kidney. When I texted Judy (Stobbe) before the race expressing that I wasn’t sure I would be up for racing due to a very late night at an event in Providence and a tight calf, she said “just show up and start and see how it goes”. So I did. Thanks for getting me out the door, Judy. Psyched to be a contributing member of our masters winning team! All our masters women showed up and took care of business. Personally I had a 37 second PR that I am thrilled about seeing as longer roads are often my nemesis. I had a really rough workout on Tuesday and went in thinking I wasn’t going to do so hot. Thankfully it didn’t transfer over – the bulk of work I’ve done over the last month or so helped propel me. Best advice I’ve heard is that a training cycle is all about the consistency and totality of it. Not the product of any one stand alone workout. Congrats to all our masters and open teams who podiumed, PR’d and came and ran their best efforts!

Also contributing to our 1st place 40+ team win was Susan Doyle-Lindrud (43:38) the stealth member of our squad.  Susan gets it done! Susan has been on fire this season so far, healthy and strong.  She placed 2nd in her age group and earned the coveted 80% AG. Holy crap! 

Your little Captain Ani (43:40) finally with a little firepower, scored 3rd for the 40+ team! “What a great day! Susan (Doyle-Lindrud) and I were with each other from the start right to the finish. We worked together, Susan is strong overall and I have a bit more speed for the downhills and so we pulled each other along for a powerful finish! Happy with my execution and result, but need to always move forward and improve.  Go orange!”

And a big warm welcome to Nathalie Jones who debuts with our 40+ team running her best 10k time to date in 44:50–this talented master was a 400m runner, so we’ll be seeing even more speed as she ramps up with the Lady Oranges on the track as well! 

Susan Doyle-Lindrud

Photo: John Tran

And let’s talk about our 50+ team!  Leading the winning scoring team was Susan Doyle-Lindrud, and chasing after her was your Captain Ani Go, and hot on my tail was Judy Stobbe!  Susan and the little Captain scored for the 50+ as well as for the 40+, and Judy sealed the deal for the 50+ win!

Ani Go

Photo: John Tran

Says Judy Stobbe (44:09) one of our heavy hitters who scored for the 50+ winning team:

Sunday was my first race of the Spring season coming off a very long indoor track season, so I knew I was in building stamina phase.  I was super happy to run with the great turnout our team had!  My goal was to do it as a progression run, but it kind of morphed into a tempo run!   I kept pretty even splits (of course slowing a bit on the Harlem hills!) and was glad I felt pretty comfortable most of the way.   So excited our master’s ladies took the GOLD in a very competitive team points race in 40+, 50+, and 70+!   That is phenomenal!!

In addition, Judy also scored in the sweet 80% AG club, and just missed the age group podium, placing 4th. 

Judy Stobbe

Photo: John Tran

Representing for 50+ and a strong supporting player was Wanda Wang, running 49:10 and placing 4th in her age group. It’s great to see Wanda coming out to show the force of our 50+ ladies! 

Special thanks to David Greenberg who arranged for us to have a stress-free start by organizing our own special bag check right near the start of the race, and volunteering his spouse Sheryl!

Thank you to all of you who came out to cheer–your voices helped carry us to victory!

And heaps of congrats to our open and masters teams, all of who finished no less than second place!  

It’s the tail end of outdoor track season, and our incredible Jen St Jean ran her 10k masters PR at the USATF Masters 10k Road Championships on the same day we had Healthy Kidney!  She placed 3rd overall and 2nd in the 40-44 age group with a 37:27 (6:02/mile) which was a 53 second PB on this course and her masters PR!  Congrats, Jen! 

Our next scoring race is in Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Half on May 18th! Let’s go get it again! 🏆🏅


Captain Ani

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