Report of Hank Schiffman of the 60+: Brooklyn Half

Charles Parchment

Our 60+ men did well, a solid effort. Collectively, we were just about 10 minutes slower than last year, but it was good for 1st place. We did not field a team of 70+; injuries are the crocodiles in our age pools. 

For the largest half marathon in the country, or so I’m told, it had the outward appearance of a team point race.

CPTC 4:49:22

WSX 5:08.20

NY Flyers 5:08:22

VCTC 5:22:49

Charles Parchment 1:33:32 / 76.28% 4th AG / 268 (last year 1:33:57 / 75.23%)

In conversation, Charles expressed that the straightaway that is Ocean Parkway played with his mind. He roads with curves.

Noel Labat-Comess 1:37:07 / 74.17% 11th AG / 268 (last year 1:34:45 / 75.45%)

Hank Schiffman 1:38:43 / 79.05% 2nd AG / 118 (last year 1:38:07 / 78.71%):

There was no satisfying dash to the line, the reward for a race well executed, for the likes of me. But I’ve had worse. Those last 2 miles were a struggle trying to maintain a faltering pace increasing effort on tired legs. All things considered, I have nothing to complain about. Stalked by a couple of injuries, it was equal money on not getting to the starting line.

Hank Schiffman

Art Palmer 1:39:31 / 73.09% 20th AG / 268 ( last year 1:30:23 / 79.69%)

Alan Ruben 1:44:57 / 69.29% 39th AG / 268 (last year 1:34:26 / 76.28%)

Both Art and Alan appeared content after the finish just to complete the race with what they had to work with, on such a beautiful day.

Gary Gosselin 1:45:00 / 70.64% 40th AG / 268 (last year 1:42:54 / 71.37%)

Gary remarked that he ran “Exactly as planned.”

Alex Wilkinson 2:15:26 / 59.58% 17th AG / 40:

Had a great time back in Wave 2 yesterday with my daughter, for her first-ever road-race. My aging legs found the last 4 a bit more challenging than a few years ago, but well worth the effort.

My first 5K was about as planned, but I cut back in the second and third to what I then thought I could sustain. Was proven wrong, alas. Nerd that I am, I find the mental calibration and recalibration during a race is almost as much fun as hitting the finish line!

At Staten Island last fall, compared to Brooklyn yesterday, my finishing time was somewhat better; the first 75% faster; last 25% slower; and pain afterwards worse. So more even was better (yesterday), though not my best in terms of setting a steady, achievable pace.

Bill Allert 2:26:25 / 52.2% 76th AG / 118:

I was just running to support some friends who were struggling.

The good news is that exactly 1 year ago at this time, I could barely jog a mile. And I did that at the Brooklyn Half… from mile 12 to mile 13.  

I am now putting 5k’s in my scope.  Hope to see you – and my fellow teammates soon… 

That means our 60+ men are in 1st place in the team point standings:


Witold’s 27

NY Flyers 24


WSX 24

Taconic 23


Elsewhere in the world, Dennis O’Donnell ran the Copenhagen Marathon: Too little training, too sore feet, age. 

By dint of last-two mile recovery, managed to pull out a 3:58:40. 

But great city, great crowds, and great race. 

In the inaugural Newport 5k:

Stuart Calderwood ran 20:09 / 79.93% for 2nd place in age group

Dennis O’Donnell 23:51 / 68.1%

George Hirsch 31:11 / 74:08%, 2nd in age group

In the Dime McCarren 5K, Dennis O’Donnell ran 23:22, for 2nd place age group:

Crazy man that I am, I ran the Dime McCarren 5K in Williamsburg this morning about a minute faster and 14 miles of a long run before I got to Newport. 

Spring Relay in Central Park Captain Sylvie Kimche and Captain Dave Delano took 1st place in age group. 

Sylvie ran, Dave cycled, both rowed. 51 out of 81 overall sounds impressive considering both are over 70.

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