Report of Laurence Go of the 40+: Healthy Kidney 10k

Osvaldo Martinez

Photo: John Tran

Two races into the season and two wins.  What more can you ask for!  In all my years at CPTC I don’t remember starting the year with two wins.

 Our scorers:

  1. Mark Lindrud
  2. Brad Kelley
  3. Jay Sullivan

 Our 3rd scorer Jay Sullivan had this to say about his race:

Healthy Kidney was my second of three target races this spring season along with Washington Heights and Brooklyn Half.  I felt like I had gotten some good training but still unsure about how the race would go. The first 2.5 miles are very fast and with so many talented runners it is difficult to stay disciplined.  I felt like I did a pretty good job of not going out too fast.  For me that was about a 5:40 per mile pace.  The plan from there was to stay just under 5:50 for miles 3 & 4.  Starting at the base of Harlem Hill it’s a long 1.5 mile climb back up to West 86th street.  From West 86th the race goes straight downhill for about 1.5 miles and my plan was to really crank the pace back down around 5:30 per mile.  Unfortunately after the climb from Harlem Hill to West 86th it was obvious my legs were toast.  I was happy to be able to maintain my 10K pace for the last 2 miles and sprint through the finish for a PR.

 Brooklyn is my goal race of the spring season and hoping to break into the 1:17s.  I am having a lot of fun training with the Team and hitting these shorter races.  They allow for much quicker recoveries and refocus to the next key race.  Healthy Kidney was a very challenging race for me and great to be in the mix for the team when it counts!  

 Jeff Dengate had a strong race as well.  When asked if this was a personal best he replied:

 Wasn’t a 10K PR, but was my fastest Healthy Kidney 10K finish by 26 seconds. I haven’t raced in a while and am a few weeks out from the Vermont City Marathon, so I wasn’t sure what I had in my legs, but it was fun to run quick and see the team run so strong. 

 Osvaldo Martinez the current holder of the participation cup had a huge PR by 1:34.  This was after running the Boston Marathon less than two weeks earlier where he was just 48 seconds from breaking 3 hrs.

 Oh! I Know what to ask for now.  Three in a row! No sleep till Brooklyn!

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