Report of Hank Schiffman of the 60+ & 70+: Team Championships

Charles Parchment

Photo: Andy Kiss

Our 60+ men took 1st over Van Cortlandt by a minute and 3 seconds. All 3 of the fastest teams were within 2 minutes, Witold’s being 3rd.

Charles Parchment was our lead scorer: 34:35 / 76.48%, 6th in age group. Hats off to Charles!

Bob Holliday, 36.39 / 76.98%, 2nd in age group, back in NYC from the Windy City was our second scorer.

Alan Ruben

Photo: Andy Kiss

Alan Ruben, 38.24 / 68.48%, 15th in age group, made all the difference in us getting the double scored 15 points in the team point series. [NB: in 1999 Alan ran this race in 26:09 at a 5:13 pace, 85.5%]

Art Palmer, 40.48, was our first backup. 

Kevin McGuire, 40.51, was 3 seconds behind Art.

Harry Lichtenstein, 51.22, rounded out our 60+ men.


Have barely been able to run since Brooklyn Half, owing to foot and hamstring pain. Had to jog the last 3 miles on Saturday when hamstring tightened up.


Was a good day. A bit warm. The effort is the same but the pace slowed a bit .

We remain solidly in 1st place. Injury, which kept some of our fastest runners from the start and finish lines also has hampered the fastest runners in our competition. Injury prevention and luck are undeniable elements of competition, increasingly so with age.

70+ Men:

Captain Dave, Iron Fist in Velvet Glove, Delano, stage mother of our 70+ men marshaled his troops to take 2nd place, putting us solidly into 3rd place in this most important race of the series. 

Chip Olsen, 44:10 / 66%, once again was our first scorer.

Alex Wilkinson, 51.29 / 57.36%, scored second.

Dave Delano, 51.39 / 57.17%,  was 10 seconds back.

George Hirsch, 52.30 / 75.08%, 2nd in age group to Witold, rounded out the team. [NB: in 1989 George ran this race in 31:37 at a 6:19 pace.]

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