Report of Ani Go of the 40+ & 50+: The NB Bronx 10-Mile Run

The masters 40+ and 50+ did indeed boogie oogie oogied at the boogie down Bronx 10 Miler!  

Masters 40+ women were golden and totally triumphant sitting pretty at the top of the hill in FIRST PLACE!  Our first place scoring team was led by superstar newcomer Nicole Delaney, followed by the speedy rookie master Sarah Richardson, and our Ace in the hole Amy Kvilhaug!  Yes, Amy, we won! 

Amy’s report:

So thrilled to be back on the streets of NYC racing for CPTC. My life has undergone a significant transition with a move to Boston and taking over the Boston College Softball program, but when I saw in my schedule that I had the chance to get down to NYC to race with everyone I jumped at it. My training over the last few months has been somewhat inconsistent but I have tried to get workouts and runs in whenever possible so that I could remain fit, race respectably, and potentially help the team. Kudos to all the Orange masters who came out and ran today and many who had tremendous races. That humidity though!!! A warm welcome to our newest addition, Nicole, who smashed it today and really helped pull us to victory. 

We had an incredible 40+ team–also repping the Lady Oranges was Nathalie Jones who ran her first Bronx 10 and got a PR by default!  She keeps getting faster and faster–1:13.34!  And our ultra-distance queen Maria Taveras who ran a strong 1:17.54!  Amazing day for the faster masters forty plus group!

In addition, let’s welcome Nicole Delaney to the Lady Oranges!  Her 1:03.43 was a PR, she scored for the open as well as the masters 40+ team, and won 3rd in her age group!  Sarah Richardson‘s 1:0816 was also a PR and she came in 7th in her age group!  Amy Kvilhaug‘s 1:10.07 put her 10th in her age group!

Congrats to our masters 40+ women!!!


Our 50+ masters ladies came to compete!  Compete we did, just missing the podium in 4th place.  The master ladies, although a smaller group than a lot of the other age groups, I found have been extremely competitive at the top because the few women who are able to race, are a very dedicated and unstoppable group of women.  Our scoring team was led by the spectacular Sue Doyle-Lindrud, healthy and made for the race, she ran 1:12.42 for her first Bronx 10mi ever!  That’s a PR by default, and her time put her 5th in her age group!  Next up is your little Captain Ani, who ran 1:14.01, just missing the sub-1:14 mark, but it was still a PR and placed 8th in age group.  Closing out the scoring team is comeback kid Wanda Wang who ran 1:20.25, placing 10th in age group, and finally coming back to race for the Lady Oranges!  Woohoo!  

Sue Doyle-Lindrud has this comment:

I had not run a race over 10 km since 1996 but Mark (my husband) convinced me to sign up to run as he was planning to do it. I signed up and did not think about it again until the race was about one week away. Mark could not run due to injury so I questioned whether I should attempt this.  About 5 miles into the race, when I realized I was only half done, I started to panic but kept trying to talk myself into continuing on. When I saw Tony at 8 miles he could tell I was struggling and reminded me to “compete”. I was very glad to get to the end and see my teammates at the finish! 

Captain Ani boogied!  This is my take on the race:

After a nice warm up with Sarah Richardson, and feeling out the first couple of miles, I rolled with the course and pushed the fast downhill finish…right into the med tent!  I’m alright! I’m alright!  Just a little bit dehydrated by the end, and pushed the little body a little hard.  Next up the Chicago Marathon!  So thrilled to be out racing and running with my Master Blasters!

Wanda says: 

Congrats to all our teammates! 🙂 I was not expecting much for this race but I ended up running faster mile by mile. So I am happy with my results! Good luck to everyone running the fall marathons!

Also repping the Lady Orange 50+ was our tri-star Stacy Creamer, running her last race as a 50+ masters!  She completed her last 50+ race with a 1:21.29.  Respect!

Congrats to all of our Masters and Open teams!  Lots of PR’s for this race!

Go Orange!

Captain Ani 

Other news–congrats to our masters ladies at the Kurt Steiner 5k XC at Vanny C on September 15th!  Great performances by Wakenda Tyler, Sue D-L, Sue Pearsall, Wanda Wang, Maria Taveras, and Judy Tripp!  What a turnout of masters for this race!  And these faster master blasters took the team to first place!


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