Report of Sylvie Kimche of the 60+ & 70+: The NB Bronx 10-Mile Run

It was a warm & humid Sunday morning and some of our runners had a great race while other suffered quite bit.

The W60+ team of Barbara Byrne, new (young 60+) member Jeannine Antus & (top of her age group) Sherrel Harmon 

took bronze behind NY Flyers and Van Cortland TC

Barbara as usual was 1st in her age group and 1st for the team in a brilliant 1:21:06, an 8:07 pace. A performance worthy of a 86.84% AG%. She ran big negative splits of 41:30 & 39:36. Way to go Barbara!

Here is what she had to say: 

The race was satisfying.

I hadn’t thought about a plan until sitting on the subway, then all I came up with was to try for an overall 8.30 pace, and that was in fact how it started out.

I ran about 75% of the course beside a young lady from Front Runners and I credit her with helping me stay on effort (I think it worked for both of us).

Thanks to Tony for his tremendous encouragement.  After mile 8 a few runners around me echoed his “come on Barbara” which amused me.

I felt I was slowing toward the end so was delighted to see a negative split.

Great effort everyone…I thought the ladies 50+ had a very strong team.

Welcome to Jeannine and congratulations on her first race with the team.

Jeannine Antus, our new member, was finally able to score for CPTC after her 90 days waiting period. She ran 1:28:18, an 8:50 pace, which placed her 12th in her very competitive W60-64 age group and 2nd for the team.

We’re so happy to welcome you to the team Jeannine and are looking forward to your scoring in many more races!

Sherrel (as usual too) was 3rd for the team in 1:38:35, a 9:52 pace, good for 4th in her W65-69 age group. She too ran negative splits, 49:35 – 49:05. Not a very big negative split but good enough to make Sherrel feel really good about her race as she described it herself:

I am ecstatic about my performance in the 10 miler. The course was not easy. The humidity and temp were elevated but I stuck to my game plan and with a finishing time of 1:38:35 exceeded my projected time of 1:40. I am a happy camper once again to pull up the rear as “Caboose” for the team awards. A big shout out to our new 60+ team member Jeannine who with her time helped boost us from 4th down to 3rd place.

PS. Stacy Creamer was not old enough by 3 days to score for the W60+ team…

As I write this, welcome to the “Golden Girls” Stacy!

Unfortunately there was no W70+ team as we only had 2 runners in that age group, Lynn Blackstone and Deborah Barchat.

Lynn ran 2:07:21, a 12:45 pace and was 2nd in the W75-79 age group. She too ran negative splits 1:04:07 – 1:03:14. That’s probably why, in the end, she thought it was fun:

With my lack of training, the Bronx Ten Miler was hard but I am so happy I was there to start and finish.  In retrospect, it was fun.

It was not fun for Deb though, who ran 1:52:14, an 11:14 pace and was not happy with her race , but nonetheless managed to be 3rd in her W70-74 age group:

A PW by far, trying to learn from it. The team was fantastic, and many thanks to Tony, as always, who made a big difference!

Thanks to Tony for his support and cheers, always welcome by all our racers!

The next team race is the SI Half. Then the next one is the NYCM.

Unfortunately we won’t have any W60+ or 70+ teams for these 2 races.

But we will come back “en force” for Ted Corbitt 15k on Sat Dec 7.

In the meantime, good luck to all CPTC racers in these 2 races!



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