Report of Hank Schiffman of the 60+: Ted Corbitt 15k

The dust has settled on the 2019 Team Point Race Series. All that are left are tears: joy, rage and crocodilian. Happily I can report none of rage here.

Our 60+ took a victory lap, comfortably finishing 1st today:

CPTC 3:17:04

WSX 3:27:42

and 1st for for the season with a bang:

CPTC 117

Witold’s 78

WSX 77

Our 70+ wet eyes were of the crocodile variety. Today we finished 2nd, a minute and 26 seconds behind Taconic, who are 1st place for the season. To be on the podium Club Night we needed 2 things: for the Flyers not to score, and to take 1st in this race. The Flyers did not field 3 to score, but our 12 points for today’s race left us 1 point shy of a tie for the season. Thus, one less trophy to schlep home from Club Night, one less dish to wash:

Taconic 4:14:01

CPTC 4:15:27

WSX 4:34:11

Scorers and finishers:


Noel Labat-Comess, 1:03:02, 80.28%, 1st in AG, 25th overall AG% men (of 2355 men).

Art Palmer, 1:05:02, 79.3%, 3rd AG, 35th overall AG% men.

Charles Parchment, 1:09:00, 73.33%, 6th AG,129th overall AG% men.

Alan Ruben, 1:12:55, 70.05%, 12th AG, 208th overall AG% men.

Kevin McGuire, 1:18:09, 68.63%, 11th AG, 264th overall AG% men.


Hank Schiffman, 1:10:16, 78.71%, 1st AG, 40th overall AG% men.

Chip Olsen, 1:26:46, 65.28%, 6th AG, 386th overall AG% men.

Alex Wilkinson, 1:38.25, 57.56%, 10th AG, 864th overall AG% men.

Dave Delano, 1:40:07, 57.35%, 12th AG, 881st overall AG% men.

With this report, I terminate my tenure as captain of 60+. There was no greater honor organizing this outstanding band of brothers. Through it all we have supplied the medical establishment with a significant number of diverse sports related injuries. Our contribution to our nation’s GNP goes unrecognized. We have bested other teams. And we have had our share of bloody noses. Our core of runners has morphed over time, with one person who has been a consistent presence in team pointers from my start to today: Kevin McGuire, the man who has never had a bad day in his life. But he is not alone in being a consistent racer for us over long periods. I can think of a number who would be still slugging it out for us but for chronic injuries over time. And our new crew of scorers and starters have been bricks, delivering us to 1st place.

Being available and mostly uninjured to run for CPTC on road, track and XC has allowed me to run with legends: Sid Howard, Frank Handelman, Hal Lieberman, Alan Ruben, David Blumel, just to name a few. Noel Haynes and Allan Dias were outstanding. Chris Neuhoff, in his prime was a stick of dynamite. Running track intervals with Tony’s crew on Tuesday evenings is one of the premier New York experiences. Most of us probably train solo, but running is best as a shared experience.

I tip my hat to our team. And now I look forward to toe the starting line for Dave’s 70+ crew.

It is all good,



Scorers and finishers in this past year’s point series races

Scorers & Finishers:

Washington Heights 5k:  Charles David Hank/ Alan Dennis Kevin

Healthy Kidney 10k:  Charles Noel Hank/ Kevin

 Brooklyn Half: Charles Noel Hank/ Art Alan Gary Bill Allert

Queens 10k:  Noel Charles Dennis

Team Championships 5m:  Charles Bob Holiday Alan/ Art Kevin Harry

Bronx 10m:  David Noel Charles/ Art Alan Hank Eiji Dennis Garry Kevin Yasuhiro

Staten Island Half:  David Art Noel/ Charles Hank Alan Yasuhiro

NYC Marathon:  Charles Alan Stuart/ Yasuhiro Dennis Gary Rick

Corbitt’s 15k:  Noel Art Charles/ Alan Kevin


                           scored       raced

Charles Parchment 8        9

Noel Labat-Comess 6       6

Hank Schiffman 3            5

David Blumel 3                3

Alan Ruben 2                  7

Dennis O’Donnell 1         4

Art Palmer 2                   5

Stuart Calderwood 1       1

Bob Holliday 1                 1

Kevin McGuire 0            5

Gary Gosselin 0             3

Yasuhiro Makoshi 0      3

Bill Allert 0                     1

Eiji Ebihara 0                1

Harry Lichtenstein 0   1

Rick Shaver 0                1

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