Thursday Night at the Races Report January 25th, 2007

Wow! As someone who subscribes to both NHL Centre Ice and NBA League Pass, I m used to watching excessive amounts of sports on any given evening. But nothing can compare to the Armory s Thursday Night at the Races. It doesn t matter how many times you ve been in the past, nothing can prepare you for the amount of track action held in upper Manhattan. I mean, we re talking over THIRTY races in a three and a half hour period. The action never stops, and if you take one trip to the facilities or to look at…

Millrose Games ticket for sale – best offer

I have one ticket for sale for the Millrose Games, which is being held at Madison Square Garden, Friday night – February 2. It is one of the best seats in the entire Garden (right in the front, Box 51 – Row G – see seating chart. Ticket price: $95.00 or best offer. You will get to see all of the action up close (including Alan Webb, Bernard Lagat and Craig Mottram in the mile and Dibaba [indoor WR in 5000], Jen Rhines, and Sara Hall in the first ever women s 3000). You’ll also see eight CPTC masters runners…

Reebok Boston Indoor Games on TV

Taped coverage of the Boston Indoor Games will on ESPN2 from 3:00 – 5:00 PM on Sunday. This should be a great meet, with Alan Webb and a host of other distance stars competing. Like last year, our own Chris Potter will be running in the masters mile. Chris ran 4:32.23 in third last year, and who knows, maybe he ll even be on TV this year.

The Sports Guy Talks About Running !?!?

Well, he kind of does at least. In Bill Simmons latest ESPN The Magazine article, he gives his take on the two competing Steve Prefontaine movies, Prefontaine and Without Limits. To see which flick he prefers, you can read the article here. Personally, I found that Running Brave, the Billy Mills story, was far superior to either of the Prefontaine films…

Thursday Night at the Races report

A huge contingent of Central Park runners ran in the NYRR Thursday night track meet. With music blaring, the 3000 meter races seemed to go on forever. These are some highlights: John Roberts set a PR, running 8:38.8, Jay Barry ran 9:09.3, Katy Masselam ran 9:59.1, and Katrina Bruckschwaiger moved into the club all time top ten list, running 10:18.9. In the 1500 Jason Ostenson ran a fast 4:05.0. Info on other races and posted results will be coming shortly. The top ten lists have already been updated.

The Nominations Are In

Forget the Oscars. The important nominations — for NYRR Runners of the Year — have been announced, and CPTC scored an even dozen of them: MEN 30-39 Thom Little 45-49 Stuart Calderwood Peter Allen Alan Ruben 50-54 Tom Phillips 55-59 Alston Brown 65-69 Sid Howard WOMEN 20-29 Kate Irvin 30-39 Katy Masselam 55-59 Mary Rosado 60-64 Marie-Louise Michelsohn Ultra-Marathon Anna Fyodorova And of course, there are the team awards, which you already knew about: Open Men A 2. Nike Central Park Track Club 40+ Men 3. Nike Central Park Track Club 50+ Men 3. Nike Central Park Track Club Open…

Video of Sam McKenzie running against Alan Webb

You can watch the webcast of last Saturday s mile race at the Armory where Sam McKenzie ran against Alan Webb here.


On Tuesday, January 20, 1987, Stuart Calderwood didn t go for a run. He hasn t made that mistake since. Congratulations to Stuart on the first 20 years of his running streak, and here s to seeing him at the top of Running Streak list.

It Was the Best of Times

The latest upgrade to the CPTC site is to the best marathon lists, which means Thom Little finally gets the recognition he deserves on the overall and NYC marathon lists. The two women s lists are updated as well, but with less dramatic changes.

Yet Another Response to “Running In the Cold”

Dave Delano writes: Youth can be a great insulator, but we still need to wear more than running shorts in sub-freezing weather. Read the 1977 article in the New England Journal of Medicine on penile frostbite and you will likely lose your fear of tights. You may even find yourself shopping for your first pair of wind briefs. The actual article doesn’t appear to be online, but you can get the important details — and treatment information — from this recent ABC News story.