Book Review

Ligaya Mishan has another review in the New York Times Book Review. This time it s for Deborah Cohen s Household Gods: The British and Their Possessions, a “witty and beguiling history of a hundred years of British domestic interiors.” Unfortunately, Ligaya s review makes no mention of how the Victorians felt about the color orange.

Thursday Night at the Races Photos

Sue Pearsall has posted several hundred photos from last night s track race on her website: Mile 800m 2-Mile

Walk Run It Off

Remember that pyscho coach you had — not on this team, obviously — who never cared when you said you were injured and insisted you keep running anyway? Well, it turns out he may have been right, as the Times details. Some quick guidelines from the sidebar: Evaluate yourself. Is there redness or swelling? Does one side look different from the others? If not, continue exercising. Cross-train in a way that exercises around the area, like cycling instead of running for an injured Achilles tendon. Ice the injured area for about 20 minutes after exercising. See a doctor if you…

On Stopping or Looking at Your Watch While Track Racing

Don t do it. Ever. In fact, don t wear a watch in a track race. We re all watching you and we ll give you splits later.

Calling Masters

If you re 30+ and want to be on John A s Master s list — if you re not already — drop him a line at

Thursday Night at the Races Hot Off the Press

Full results will be coming in a few days, but here are a few highlights: Aileen Conlon set a torrid pace, ran by herself the whole way, and won the 2 mile, setting a new club record with a 10:44.9. She was followed closely by Katy Masselam in 10:46.9, Lauren Gustafson in 10:56.5, and Sarah Alaei in 11:21.5. Sam Mackenzie ran 4:15.7 for the mile, followed by John Roberts in 4:18.6, which moves John into eighth place on all time club mile list. Kate Irvin ran another solid race in the mile, coming in second in 4:55.0.

WADA You Nuts?

Steroid users get a regular — and well deserved — thumping in the press. Now it’s time for the steroid cops to get their due. Last month the Los Angeles Times published a detailed two part examination of how athletes in doping cases are presumed guilty until proven innocent; are denied access to evidence and expert witnesses that could exculpate them; and are punished even when WADA agrees that the athlete ingested substances unknowingly and in amounts too small to have any performance-enhancing effect. Now the New York Times joins in with a profile of WADA chief Richard Pound that…

Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

Not running as fast as you d like? Getting injured too often? Your problems may be all in your mind. the Times reports that “taking care of an athlete s emotional health – and managing stress in particular – can help prevent injury.” It also makes those athletes much more pleasant to have around.

Interview add

Folks — re. the previous post, it turns out the story is more about the music vs. no music during workout debate. Anyway, if you want to weigh in, drop Mike a line or give him a call.

Wanna Be Interviewed?

A friend of John A s from The Associated Press, a reporter named Mike Hill, is doing a health/fitness story on the new gizmos that play music while you run and calculate workout info. If you have used them — or if you just like to listen to music while you run — and would be interested in being interviewed on the topic, you can contact Mike at or, in New York state, call 800-424-4500.