WADA You Nuts?

Steroid users get a regular — and well deserved — thumping in the press. Now it’s time for the steroid cops to get their due. Last month the Los Angeles Times published a detailed two part examination of how athletes in doping cases are presumed guilty until proven innocent; are denied access to evidence and expert witnesses that could exculpate them; and are punished even when WADA agrees that the athlete ingested substances unknowingly and in amounts too small to have any performance-enhancing effect. Now the New York Times joins in with a profile of WADA chief Richard Pound that…

Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

Not running as fast as you d like? Getting injured too often? Your problems may be all in your mind. the Times reports that “taking care of an athlete s emotional health – and managing stress in particular – can help prevent injury.” It also makes those athletes much more pleasant to have around.

Interview add

Folks — re. the previous post, it turns out the story is more about the music vs. no music during workout debate. Anyway, if you want to weigh in, drop Mike a line or give him a call.

Wanna Be Interviewed?

A friend of John A s from The Associated Press, a reporter named Mike Hill, is doing a health/fitness story on the new gizmos that play music while you run and calculate workout info. If you have used them — or if you just like to listen to music while you run — and would be interested in being interviewed on the topic, you can contact Mike at mhill@ap.org or, in New York state, call 800-424-4500.

The First Picture Is Still Better

Those few of you who read the New York Post online may have noticed this picture of a “bikini babe.” And if any of you bothered to click the “next” button, you d have seen another picture, this one of scantily clad male runners, including Corey Henry (who provided the link), Jim McQuade, Russ Pfeffer and Brad Weiss.

Top Notch Running Article

Whether it s the hills of the Upper Northwest, the super-slow mail service, hitting the trails of Glover Archibold Park, eating yummy pizza at Armand s, or just traversing down the monstrous escalator to the Metro, this journal writer will always have fond memories of Tenleytown and the upper Northwest Hills of our Nation s Capitol. So when the Washington City Paper wrote a full feature article on American University Cross Country team, the crown jewel of Tenleytown, I expected a typical feel-good article on how a small school with few scholarships competed with the big boys of Division I.…

Streaking in New York

When club president Alan Ruben mentioned today that there was Runner s World article on marathon streakers, I must say it caught my ear. And when he mentioned that the piece included not only a quote, but a picture of team member Rick Shaver, well, I didn t know what to think. When did Runner s World, go, umm, NC-17 on us? Alas, the streaking wasn t the type where one goes naked trying to interfere with a sporting event, but instead about runners that have competed numerous NYC Marathons in a row. And when Rick ran 30 marathons in…

Best of Times

The all-time top ten CPTC runners for all distances shorter than the marathon are now updated for men and women. The lists now include the 200 meters and the 3000 meter steeplechase (so far, only a few people on the club have attempted the steeplechase). The lists combine indoor track, outdoor track and road races. This Thursday the first NYRR Night at the Races includes the infrequently run two mile, so this is a good opportunity for people to run it and get a PR and maybe break into the top ten.

20% Nike Discount at Urban Athletics this Saturday

This Saturday (tomorrow) from 10am-7pm, all Nike gear at the Urban Athletics store (1291 Madison Avenue at 92nd Street) will be 20% off to members of the Central Park Track Club. Pizza and snacks will be provided from 5pm-7pm.

Thursday Night Workout Report: 1-4-2007

It seemed like a good idea at the time… staying up late Wednesday night to watch Gus Hansen, Huck Seed (little known fact: I ran college track & cross country with Huck s younger brother), and Shawn Sheikhan goat Phil Hellmuth into one of his famous screaming tirades. Unfortunately, payback came less than 24 hours later when I attended my first CPTC Thursday night workout in nearly 8 months. But I wasn’t going to get little things like lack of sleep and lack of having done a speed workout in ages prevent me from showing up at the Daniel Webster…