The Big Tuna

You may or may not be a football fan, but you can still learn something about competing from this New York Times article on Bill Parcells. He has great insights into how bad your opponent may be hurting as well as how he knows when you have mentally quit.

Don t Worry, This Has Nothing To Do With Those Math Questions You Always Got Wrong In High School

Looking for a great Off Broadway show over the next month? Check out "Two Trains Running" starring our own Bad Bad Leon Brown. The play was written by two-time Pulitzer winner August Wilson and it is powerful, funny, warm and touching says John Affleck, who saw it last weekend and gives it five stars (out of five, of course). Tickets are a little hard to come by, partly because Time Warner has underwritten the show and the cost is just $15, so it is sold out until after New Year s (when the price appears goes up, though some $15…

Recommendation Number 1: Don t Waste Money on Those Consultants

The London Olympic Committe has raised the estimated cost of building the necessary sports facilities by about 40%, from 2.4 billion pounds to 3.3 billion pounds ($6.26 billion). That includes “a 400 million pound fee that will be paid to consultants responsible for making sure costs come in on budget.”