Thank You For Your Patience

The CPTC site was moved to a new, better server on Monday. Unfortunately, that move revealed some flaws in the code, which may have affected your ability to view certain pages this week. I’ve fixed most of these bugs, and expect to have the rest done soon. If you find any pages that aren’t working, please send an email to

Anna Does It Again

Fresh off of winning the coveted NYRR ultra-marathoner of the year award, Anna Fyodorova captured the women s 2007 USATF 50K Road Championship held at Caumsett Park this past Sunday. Anna covered the course in 3:55:13, nearly five minutes ahead of her nearest competitor. For those keeping track at home, that s 7:35 per mile over 31 long and grueling miles. Way to go Anna!

Friday Night Feldenkrais Workshop Report

Two weeks ago, if you told me that I would spend a Friday night comparing and contrasting photographs of a runner and a robot (and would pay for the privilege to do so), I wouldn t have believed you. However, that s exactly what I and 19 other Central Park Track Club members did this past Friday, as we attended a Feldenkrais Workshop taught by Jae Gruenke. The workshop focused on optimal running form, and the inter-connected goings-on of our body. The goals of the class were simple, to improve your running form / efficiency, and to minimize running injuries…

Boston Marathon

Calling all Boston Marathoners! CPTC is ready to paint Boston ORANGE! If you are racing Boston, please email Michael Basen at so that we can include you in both “team entry” and any CPTC events during the Boston weekend.


Patrick Cowden has posted photos of the Snowflake 4-Miler (both men s and women s races) on his website.

And the Winners for NYRR Runner of the Year Are…

Katy Masselam (30-39) Marie-Louise Michelsohn (60-64) Anna Fyodorova – Ultra-Marathon Alston Brown (55-59) Sid Howard (65-69) Congrats to our 6 winners and 12 nominees!!!!! Team Award Winners for Nike CPTC #1 Women Open #2 Men Open #3 Men Masters 40+ #3 Men Masters 50+ Congrats to our open and masters teams!!!!!

The Grey Anorexic Lady

Included in Esquire s Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30 is a prohibition against reading Gawker. While in general this may be a good idea, following the rule too closely would deprive one of this: First they gave Mary-Kate Olsen a Times byline, but I did not speak out because I was not a Times reporter.

It s Titanium!

As if there weren t enough distractions keeping us from running as is, Directv has recently come out with the new Titanium Package. The Titanium Package includes every channel Directv has to offer. This includes all the sports packages, all the adult channels, all the movie channels, and all the foreign language channels… Plus, you get access to every Pay per View event. Every boxing and wrestling match, every concert, every movie… everything! And since this is a boatload of television, the package allows you to hook up your system on up to ten televisions so you can experience it…

An Excuse To Stay Up Late Tonight

While The Departed may have won the Academy Award, the real best picture of 2006 was Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Although the film had screenings in DC and Boston, this movie never got released in the New York Metro Area. However, PBS (Channel 13) will air the film TONIGHT at 1:00AM. Even those without cable can watch the show! With no indoor track practice today, no one has an excuse not to watch this (or at least set their VCRs)! I m sure the movie will be the big topic of discussion at the Thursday evening workout!!…

Bronx Half Marathon

Belated congratulations to all of the CPTC runners who came up to the Bronx to run in the half marathon on February 11. The race used to be in July and it wasn’t too hot this time, but the extreme temperatures continue as it was very cold, especially for the spectators. With the change in date of the Brooklyn half marathon, many used the Bronx half as a tune up for Boston, (or other spring marathons) while others used the race as a tempo run. Katy Masselam (1:21:08) and Lauren Gustafson (1:21:13) finished first and second, each with a PR!…